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Labor Issues


Strike at Freeport settled, mine’s scars linger (December 17)

On Friday, October 28, ETAN, Occupy Phoenix and others picketed  Freeport-McMoran headquarters in Phoenix, AZ: Listen to ETAN's Elizabeth Venable talk about Arizona protest on FSRN (October 28)

WPAT/ETAN: Statement on Strike at Freeport McMoran's Mining Operation in West Papua (October 21)

SJTL Logo Update: U.S. Embassy in Dili admits mistake about worker's rights (February 3)

ETAN: Letter on labor dispute at U.S. Embassy in Dili (December 22, 2010)


Sacked aviation workers in Timor Leste win back pay (January 22)


Maritime Union of Australia: LNG shipments raise union alarm (January 9); Maritime and Transport Workers Union of East Timor: Timorese workers call on Australian comrades to protest LNG giant

APHEDA: East Timor Country Strategy (March)
APHEDA: Justice for East Timor in Oil & Gas Negotiations (07/06/05)
Unions Urge Fair Go For East Timorese In Timor Sea Talks (4/23/05)

Multinational Monitor: World Bank Labor Troubles in Timor by Karen Orenstein/ETAN
Union Aid Abroad-APHEDA: Lessons From East Timor  (August)

UNI: Davos: UNI raises World Bank dispute in East Timor (1/23/04)
World Bank Called Upon to Observe Labor Rights Standards in Treatment of Subcontractors Employees in East Timor (01/21/04)

APHEDA Alert on Chubb Workers (January 2004)
Global union backs campaign for Chubb security workers in East Timor (01/08/04)

World Bank security guards on strike in Dili, East Timor. Photo by Karen Orenstein.

KSTL: World Bank strikers in Timor fired! (December)
East Timor unionists end nation's first-ever strike (October 22)
Australian union official arrested during industrial row (October 8)
East Timor workers to strike against Australian-owned company (October 2)

Workers battle IMF agenda (Sept 3)
Transport Int'l: New Union for a New Country (July)
Maritme Workers Journal: Union Alliance - MUA/AWU Solidarity in multi-billion dollar Industry (July)
Australian companies are `worst employers' (July 23)
Aust employers criticised for resisting E Timor unions (June 15)

ILO: A new labour code for the world's newest country (June)
ACTU warns on Timor Sea Treaty between Australia Timor  (April)

National Council Approves Motion On Labour (December 15)
Asbestos contamination in East Timor (June)
Rolling stoppages hit public transport system
(June 21)
New ACTU chief spends May Day helping Timor (May 20)
Workers confront discrimination, poor conditions (May 3)
East Timor Workers Organise First May Day Public Holiday
(April 28)
Free East Timor? For the Workers, It's Just Cheap (April 7)

Staff at U.N. floating hotel strikes for better pay (February 11)


LabourNet: Ramos Horta Calls for Workers’ Support (September 10)
Unions plan industrial action over Timor (May)
ACTU threatens to act against Indonesia over Timor (April 30)


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