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For A Debt Free East Timor

Logo of Freedom from Debt Coalition - Philippines Groups worldwide urge debt-free Timor-Leste not to borrow, Pending loans could endanger Timor's future (September 2011)

Additional background on Timor-Leste and borrowing can be found in English:;

COVID-19 Jubilee White House, IMF, G20 Letter (May 18, 2020)

East Timorese Critique Western Notions of Economic Development MP3 audio
The island nation of East Timor is the poorest country in Asia. Yet it's received some $4-billion in international assistance, since the Indonesian military left it in ruins in late 1999. Now, as the government formulates major economic policies, East Timorese groups are critiquing western notions of economic development. Diane Farsetta reports.

TAKE ACTION: The World’s Newest Country Must Start Debt-Free!  

Joint Statement of East Timorese and International NGOs To Dili Donors Conference (5/14-15/02)

AFR: The way forward: E Timor Budget Gaps (5/14/02)

Campaigners Seek to Keep Timor Debt Free (5/10/02)

East Timor deserves a clean slate (5/9/02)

Dili's bubble to burst as foreigners pull out (5/7/02)

Members of Congress Call for Debt-Free East Timor (5/2/02)

U.S. NGOs to Powell on Debt-free East Timor (4/22/02)

Statement by Bishop Belo to International Donors (4/25/02)

ETAN to Bush: "Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is," Calls for a Debt-Free East Timor (3/21/02)

La'o Hamutuk: Can the Rule of Law Prevail? Will Pressure from UNHQ Force East Timor to Forgo Needed Tax Revenue. Bahasa release (3/12/02)

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Key Documents

UNDP: National Human Development Report - Ukan rasik a'an - East Timor - the way ahead
Joint Statement of East Timorese and International NGOs To Dili Donors’ Conference (Dili, 14-15 May 2002)
ETPE – Ministry of Finance: The East Timor Combined Sources Budget (.pdf)
ETPA – Planning Commission:  Draft National Development Plan Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

Links to material from East Timor Donors/Development Partners Conferences

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Building a New East Timor