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West Timor, Former Refugees, and Separated Children


Winston Rondo: Putting one's heart into the refugees' plight  (December)

Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC) - Internal Displacement: Global Overview of Trends and Developments in 2008 (May 2009)

Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC) - Timor-Leste: IDPs returning home, but to ongoing poverty and lack of access to basic services

Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC) - Indonesia: In search of durable solutions for all


Internal Displacement Monitoring Centre (IDMC) - West Timor: Displaced “new citizens” in need of better integration and livelihood assistance


Former East Timorese refugees still face difficulties (10/2)
ICG: Managing Tensions on the Timor-Leste/Indonesia Border (05/04)
Kompas- Fate of Timor refugees (3/21)
W Timor Bishop Wants Governments To Arrange Lasting Solution For Former Refugees (3/7)
Rights Activist Sarah Lery Mboeik: Fighting Against State Hegemony (2/22)
Family will not give up hunt for daughter (2/12)

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UNHCR winds up West Timor operation (12/16)
UNHCR: Solutions found for East Timor's separated children (12/14)

Ex-Militia Members Set Up Organization (11/28)
East Timor refugees left out in cash aid (10/21)


Jesuit Refugee Service ends operation in West Timor (12/7)
European Commission: EUR 3 million for former refugees (08/16)
Trapped by Fear- E. Timor's Forgotten Refugees (06/14)
Refugees can no longer reclaim assets
Locals, Ex East Timorese Refugees Abandon Resettlement Areas (02/19)
East Timor Refugee Aid Case Heats Up (01/15)


Indonesian bishop rejects aid intended for East Timorese refugees (12/09)
La'o Hamutuk: East Timor’s Refugees in West Timor (November)
Indonesia: Statement to UN on Refugees (11/05)
Asset Registration for Refugees Up to March 2004 (07/30)
Organizations Worldwide Urge Indonesian Action to Reunite East Timorese Children with Their Families (release, letter) (02/20)


East Timorese in Indonesia to Lose Refugee Status at New Year, International Community Must Continue Efforts on Behalf of Vulnerable Children & Adults (December 30)
Will the Refugees Be Forgotten? (Winter 2002-2003)
Fate of East Timorese Refugees in Indonesia Uncertain as Deadline Nears (08/30/02)
55,000 East Timorese Still Stuck in Indonesia (May)
Backgrounder for May 20 Independence Day (05/06/02)


Available from ETAN, The Indonesian military occupation continues for East Timor's refugees... 2 years after choosing independence 2001 $3

Rights Must Be Factor In Economic Assistance to Indonesia (IHRN/ETAN) (11/06/01)
NGOs Write UNHCR on Refugees (10/15/01)
Letter to La’o Hamutuk from SRSG Sergio Viera de Mello and La’o Hamutuk Responds: Refugee Return Too Slow, Strategy Still Misguided (08/16/02)
East Timor Action Network Urges New Indonesian President to Show Support for East Timor (07/23/01)
ETAN and NGO's Correspond with U.S. Embassy in Indonesia Regarding Refugee Registration (07/19/01)
House of Representatives Write Powell on Refugees (7/16/01) and House Committee leaders letter on Timorese refugees (7/11/01)
LHB Editorial: U.N. & the Refugee Crisis (7/01) Three months later, LH published a Letter from SRSG Sergio Vieira de Mello  in response to this editorial, and its response (10/01)

U.S. Responsibility in the West Timor Refugee Crisis PDF (June)
Take Action to End the Refugee Crisis, (June)
Senators Write Powell on Refugees (06/25/01)
ETAN and CIS Urge UN to Reject Sham Refugee Registration in West Timor (06/07/01)
ETAN/NGO's Criticize Indonesia's Registration of E Timor Refugees (06/01/01)

Aid Worker To Give First-Hand Account of East Timor’s Refugee Crisis as Indonesian Problematic Registration Moves Ahead (05/28/01) Also: Background on Refugees.(5/25/01)
Aid Worker To Give First-Hand Account of East Timor’s Refugee Crisis as Indonesian Problematic Registration Moves Ahead (05/27/01)
Senators Leahy & Kennedy on Economic Assistance for E Timor (05/22/01)
IHRN/ETAN: Rights Groups Oppose Joint Training with Indonesian Military (05/16/01)

ETAN: East Timor Action Network Calls for Action on Refugee Crisis and International Tribunal on Anniversary of East Timor Vote Agreement (05/04/01)
East Timor Still Awaits Justice One Year After UN Inquiry Called for International Tribunal (1/31/01)


U.S. Congress Reaffirms Support for East Timor in Foreign Operations Appropriations (Oct. 26, 2000)
Indonesia's Aid Donors Must Link Pledged Funds to Improvements In W Timor (October 18, 2000) (see also additional news and statements on CGI)
Senate Foreign Relations Committee Passes Ban on U.S. Military Ties to Indonesia (September 27, 2000)
CNRT on Recent Events in West Timor; Calls for International Tribunal, Postponement of CGI Meeting
(September 13, 2000)
CNRT Leaders on West Timor Deaths (September 8, 2000)
ETAN Calls UN Deaths in West Timor Preventable (September 6, 2000)
One Year Later, East Timor Still Needs Justice and Security (August 29, 2000) 

ETAN Chronology updating refugee situation since delegation's return (July 18, 2000)
UN Briefing on refugees by John Sayles, Loren Ryter and John M. Miller (July 13, 2000)
Pacifica Radio's Democracy Now! interviews Karen Orenstein and East Timorese activist Aderito Soares. Hear the RealAudio. Read the transcript. (July 10, 2000)
A Lesson From Timor: Don't Coddle the Indonesian Military, Op-ed in International Herald Tribune by ETAN's Karen Orenstein. (July 5, 2000)
The Refugee Crisis and Accountability: Observations and Analysis of a Fact-Finding Mission to the East Timorese Refugee Camps in West Timor - by Karen Orenstein, East Timor Action Network (June 9, 2000)
Returning ETAN Delegation Calls for U.S. and Indonesia to End to East Timor Refugee Crisis (May 11, 2000)
HRW: East Timorese Refugees Face New Threat (March 30)


Amnesty International: East Timor - The refugee crisis continues (December 20)
HRW: Forced Expulsions to West Timor and the Refugee Crisis (December)
TAPOL: Report on East Timorese Refugees in West Timor (November 11)


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