Found buried deep in the archives. #taok
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Found Buried Deep in the Archives

ETAN's team of crack researchers found this "thank you postcard" buried deep in the archives in the back of a file cabinet. Indonesia thanks the World Bank for its support of Suharto's murderous regime.

Greetings from Indonesia to World Bank

Graphic from Oscar-nominated documentary THE ACT OF KILLING


from "Criminal Debt" by Jeffrey A. Winters in Reinventing the World Bank, edited by Jonathan R. Pincus & Jeffrey A. Winters

Over the course of the New Order, the Bank loaned Indonesia almost $30 billion. The best estimate of theft rates in Indonesian projects is one-third of the loan value. Thus Indonesia's criminal debt linked to World Bank sources is roughly $10 billion. During the military dictatorship of Suharto, Indonesian citizens were extremely limited in their abilities to expose and stop corruption by government officials and Suharto cronies. The same cannot be said for the Bank. If it had been committed to fulfilling its fiduciary mandate in Article III, it could have raised the corruption problem as a matter that by law the Bank was mandated to address. It could have taken a variety of measures, including intensifying the supervision of its projects, thereby reducing the levels of corruption in its own operations, even if it could not stop the rampant corruption across the government. It could have threatened gradually to reduce its lending to Indonesia over a period of years if the leakage of Bank project funds was not progressively curtailed. And as a last resort, it could have halted lending completely or1 the grou~lds that continued lending under circumstances of persistently high Ie\rels of theft was incompatible with the Bank's Articles of Agreement.The Bank did none of these things.

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The World Bank gave $30 billion to a dictator who killed 1 million. From projection on World Bank hq. Photo by Dakota Bell.  

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