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September 15, 1999

Phone Your Representative and Senators NOW to Support HR 2809 and S.1568

Rare Chance to "Lock-In" Suspension of U.S. Military Assistance to Indonesia Time Is of the Essence

Call your Representative and Senators now to support HR 2809 and S.1568. These binding pieces of legislation would "lock-in" the temporary bans on military assistance to Indonesia. HR 2809 and S.1568 stipulate conditions which must be met before the U.S. can resume military assistance (training, government transfers, and commercial sales) to Indonesia as announced by President Clinton last week. These conditions include a safe and secure environment in East Timor, the complete withdrawal of Indonesian troops, full humanitarian assistance, and the return of refugees. These phone calls must be made quickly. We only have 3 days to exert strong grassroots pressure to obtain widespread congressional support for the bill. Contact your local networks, friends and coalition partners.

The situation in East Timor is extremely grave and continues to deteriorate. An estimated three-quarters of the population has been forcibly displaced by the Indonesian military and their militias. People in the mountains and in refugee camps in West Timor are at great risk from starvation, dehydration, and disease. Others are being transported to unknown destinations throughout Indonesia. The UN Food and Agricultural Organization has estimated that 7,000 East Timorese have already been killed since the referendum. The days before the arrival of the multinational force can be the most dangerous of all. Almost no foreigners are in East Timor to witness what is happening!

Please make these calls now!

The congressional switchboard number is 202-224-3121 or check for additional contact information.

For more information, contact Karen Orenstein at 202-544-6911 or