Subject: Lusa: Police Investigate Three New Finds of Human Remains

East Timor: Police Investigate Three New Finds of Human Remains 3 Jul-13:38

United Nations police have opened investigations into three more recent discoveries of human remains in East Timor, likely linked to anti-independence violence last year, a spokesman said Monday in [Dili (?)].

CivPol [spokesman (?)] Lopes said a sack containing the remains of three people, along with clothing, jewelry and a machete, had been found in a well near the town of Liquica, where pro-Indonesian militias massacred more than 200 people in a Catholic church in April 1999.

In two other finds, a human leg and clothing had been found in a riverbed near the village of Mau-Unu and a human skeleton in the area of Dilor.


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