Subject: Timor Post: FALINTIL gets USD $100,000

(The following is an excerpt of a translated article from Timor Post, 7 July 2000. )

Falintil gets an estimated $100,000 US

Dili, TP

The international NGO La'o Hamutuk made a protest to UNTAET about how for all this time FALINTIL had not received any aid. Now finally UNTAET will give a total of US $100,000 on an installment basis.

According to UNTAET spokesperson, Barbara Reis, during the press briefing on Thursday (5/7), the donation will be taken from the Timor Lorosa'e national budget.

At that time Barbara said, in the space of ten days it is hoped that the first distribution of funds, totalling US $50,000 will already have arrived in the hands of Falintil. The second distribution has been proposed for next month.

Barbara said that the humanitarian aid will be shared amongst Falintil after being approved by NCC members in the form of a regulation and the money will be taken from the national budget through two installments.

Like the NGO Lao Hamutuk said in their protest, up until now Falintil, who have been left in Aileu by UNTAET where they have been marginalised. Falintil have been left without any activities and without enough food.

In the opinion of Lao Hamutuk during the April visit to Timor Lorosa'e Prime Minister of Portugal, Antonio Guteres had already promised aid to help the needs of Falintil. However Lao Hamutuk said last week that up until now no aid had reached Falintil.

But now Falintil have been given some aid from UNTAET, which has been promised to reach Falintil within 10 days. We will continue to observe whether the funds arrive or not. Journalists also need to observe the distribution of these funds," said a member of La'o Hamutuk who didn't want to be named. (una)

(The La'o Hamutuk person quoted is Scott Cunliffe, who has no objection to being named.) For more information about La'o Hamutuk go to

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