Subject: East Timor Press Review Tuesday 11 June 2002

East Timor Press Review

Tuesday 11 June 2002

· The Timor Post reported Bishop Belo as saying that the government and the president need to clarify their stances on the amnesty issue. “The government’s amnesty process must be transparent and those who receive amnesty must be clearly identified.”

· The paper quoted Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri as saying that “funds from donor countries will be handed to the government in August,” adding that US$190,000,000 will be given over the next three years.

· The President’s Chief of Staff, Agio Pereira, is quoted as saying that the president will address the nation tomorrow to inform the people of the government’s successes so far and on what still needs to be done.

· A FRETILIN Member of Parliament, Eusebio Guterres, reportedly said that the government is not implementing regulations that have already been approved.

· A man in Dili has been sentenced to one year in prison for badly beating a member of a popular local band, the Lahane Group.

· In an editorial the Timor Post referred to Speaker of the Parliament Francisco “Lu’olo” Guterres’ recent statement on the need for authorities to deal with the issue of illegal guns. The editorial said these kinds of statements need to put into practice.

· Suara Timor Lorosa’e reported on a meeting held yesterday between President Xanana Gusmão and Bishop Belo. The paper said the issues of globalization and amnesty were discussed.

· In a separate article Bishop Belo appealed to the government to solve the problem of judges who are currently working without salaries. The Bishop also appealed to different groups in the country to stop illegally using weapons.

· STL also reported that crime is increasing in Dili due to a lack of jobs. The paper said the crime rate has risen since 20 May because many people have lost their jobs since independence.

· Sixty workers are on strike at a roofing factory in Dili because they have not received the salary increases they were promised after three months of job training.

· STL reported that Quentiliano Moniz de Carvalho, a youth from Bobonaro district, is rejecting recent accusations made by two CPD-RDTL members, Antonio Aitahan Matak and Rosalino Cardoso, that Member of Parliament José Andrade brought Indonesian troops to Bobonaro in 1975. Carvalho was quoted as saying that Rosalino in fact worked for Indonesian military intelligence during Indonesia’s occupation.

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