Subject: Daily Media Review 30 June 2003


Dili, June 30, 2003

Daily Media Review

American Travel Warning

The American Ambassador in Timor-Leste, Grover Joseph Rees, commenting on the State Department's "travel warning," which advised US citizens to be cautious when travelling to Timor-Leste, said the statement was not meant to harm relations between Timor-Leste and the US". President Gusmão on his term said that the reason for the US warning was due to the conflicts caused by "many groups" and that this problem could stop foreign investment in the country. He added that he had asked to hold a meeting with the various martial arts group, the Prime Minister and the President of the Parliament, and that if more conflicts arise the martial groups should be completely banned. The Weekend Australian reported Foreign Minister Ramos-Horta reacted angrily by saying the advisory was "baseless and politically motivated". (TP, STL, TVTL, The Weekend Australian)

Fiscal Year 2003/2004 Budget Approved

After a three-day debate, the National Parliament on Friday approved the fiscal year budget for 2003-2004. According to Timor Post the bill was approved by 66 votes in favor, 11 against and 1 abstention. PD staged a walkout and did not vote. At his closing speech Prime Minister Alkatiri congratulated the Parliament for the increase quality of its work and thanked those MP's who voted in favor of the budget. (TP)

Dili National Hospital Renamed The National Hospital of Timor-Leste was renamed as Hospital Guido Valadares and inaugurated on Sunday by Prime Minister Alkatiri. The renaming was done in honor of Guido Valadares who was a member of Fretilin National Committee and the Vice-Minister of Labor and Social Welfare of the Fretilin government in 1975. Valadares died on August 30, 1976. (TP, STL)

Baucau "Pousada" Re-opened After being shut down for almost two months, Baucau "Pousada" was finally reopened on Friday June 26, following a decision by the local court. According to Timor Post staff of the hotel has began cleaning the premises in preparation for visitors. (TP)

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