Subject: Local Media Monitoring - June 30, 2003





1. The Speaker of the National Parliament, Mr Francisco Guterres Lu-Olo, told reporters that Col Lere's and Major Maubuti's threat to resign was their expression of solidarity for their fellow Ex Falintil Combatants' living conditions. Mr Lu-Olo said that the National Parliament is setting up regulations regarding the eligibility of Veterans and Ex-Combatants. Mr Lu-Olo said that he does not think that the military would make a coup d'etat. Mr Lu-Olo said that if it happens, first they need to kill President Xanana Gusmao and himself !

2. The Asia Foundation of Timor Lorosae held a two day conference (06/27-28-03) on "Traditional Conflict Resolution and Traditional Justice" at Hotel Timor-Dili. The conference was supported by USAID. "The aim of the conference is to trace Timor-Leste's Customary Laws as an alternative to solve current social and political problems", said the article.

3. Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri, yesterday renamed Dili's Hospital, changing it from the "Dili National Hospital" to the "Guido Valadares Hospital. At the ceremony were presented the Minister of State Administration, Dr Ana Pessoa, the Commander of the Falintil-FDTL, Gen Taur Matan Ruak, Minister of Health, Dr Rui M. Araujo, Minister of Education, Dr Armindo Maia, Vice Minister of Health, Luis Lobato, Defense's State Secretary, Mr Roque Rodrigues and Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, Mr Olimpio Branco. Mr Alkatiri said that Mr Guido Valadares was a member of the Central Committee of Fretilin and also a member of the Government proclaimed in 1975. Mr Alkatiri said that the honored Mr Valadares was a person who dedicated his life to the health sector. Mr Alkatiri said that Mr Valadares deserves the memorial to his name.


1. The Interim Vice President of the Social Democratic Party, Mrs Lucia Lobato, said that the Social Democratic Party (SDP) will hold its national congress in the month of September. Mrs Lobato said this last Saturday during the inauguration ceremony for the SDP members from the Dili Sub District. Mrs Lobato said that SDP will ask the former Vice President, Mr Leandro Isac, to step down from the National Parliament at the next national congress. (Mrs Lobato did not mention the exact date of SDP's national congress).

2. The spokesperson for the Political Platform of National Unity, Mr Mariano Sabino, said last Friday that the Platform feels sad because the State Budget does not reflect the basic needs of vulnerable people. Mr Sabino supported his statement by mentioning the US$79.11 million budget allocation, which declares that US$66.76 m or 84% from the total budget goes to fixed expenditure (routine), while for the capital expenditure (development), the allocation totals US$12.34 m or 16%. Mr Sabino commented after the final approval of the proposed State Budget N0. 15/I/12. (The Political Platform of National Unity is an umbrella organization for the Opposition Parties).

3. Timor Post also reported the commemoration of Dili's National Hospital's second anniversary and the renaming of the "National Hospital" to the "Guido Valadares Hospital" as reported in STL.

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