Subject: Local Media Monitoring - July 4, 2003



July 4, 2003



1. President Xanana Gusmao conducted a 3 day official visit (July 1-3) to the Distrct of Bobonaro. During the visit President Xanana met with Kailaku's and Atabae's citizens. In both places President Xanana appealed to the community to be patient. President Xanana said "we have won the fight for our political freedom, but we have not yet won our fight against economic problems, poor health, lack of education, hunger and suffering". President Xanana said "the Government, the Parliament and the President recognize that we have not yet overcome economic and social problems faced by the community. However, we do need mutual trust to solve these economic and social problems and have confidence that one day we will achieve prosperity"

2. The Bishop of Dili and Baucau, Monsignor Basilio do Nascimento made comments on Wednesday regarding the Government's proposal for the National Budget for the fiscal year 2003-2004 which totals US$79.1million. Bishop Nascimento said that his views do not represent the Catholic Church, he speaks as a citizen of this country. Bishop Nascimento said " US$79.1 is a lot of money. Where is this money spent ? As a citizen of this country I share the opinion of others, because in my view this amount of money could manage a lot of things". Bishop Nascimento gave examples of physical infrastructure development in Dili. There are roads in Dili that need to be repaired, schools without adequate facilities.

3. After eighteen months delay the Court of Appeal in Timor-Leste restarted its operation this week. Until Monday of this week no appeals from the Special Panels for Serious Crimes or the nation's four district courts have been heard. This delay resulted in a backlog of approximately 80 cases. The Court has been reconstituted by the swearing in of Judge Claudio Ximenes (Portuguese/Timorese) as President of the Court in May, and by the swearing in of Judge Jose Maria Calvario Antunes (Portuguese) in June of this year. They will join Judge Jacinta Correia da Costa (Timorese). The Judicial System Monitoring Programme said "the reestablisment of the Court of Appeal is a critically important development for Timor-Leste. The absence of such a means of review has denied many accused the right to a fair trial as established by the International Convenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR), to which Timor-Leste is a signatory".


1. Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri said yesterday that the Government is looking for ways to assist and improve former Falintil's and Combatants' living conditions in a sustainable way, not as charity. Mr Alkatiri said that the Government will not forget them. Mr Alkatiri said that honouring former Falintil and Combatants' claims is formal recognition from the Government regarding their role during the struggle.

2. The Commander of Falintil-FDTL, Gen Taur Matan Ruak, yesterday said "we never promise something that is out of our capabilities". Gen Ruak said this in reference to the Government capabilities and the former Falintil and Combatants' living conditions after the meeting between Falintil-FDTL and Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri at the Judiciary Information Center. Gen Ruak said that the result of the meeting was positive. (The meeting was aimed to clarify Col Lere's threat to resign and other issues).

3. During his official visit to Bobonaro District, President Xanana Gusmao said that as the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces he guarantees that internal friction wthin the security institutions would never occur. However he promise to reduce the National Police's and FDTL's undisciplined actions. President Xanana Gusmao made this statement during his dialogue with the community of Miligu, Sub District of Cailaco.

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