Subject: Local Media Monitoring - July 16, 2003



July 16, 2003



1. A Member of Parliament from Christian Democratic Party, Mr Antonio Ximenes, on Monday demanded the Government to be transparent about the December 4th riot. Mr Ximenes urged the Government to release the report of the investigation on the December 4 (2002) riots. Mr Ximenes argued that it is important that the report must be transparent in order to allow the community to know those responsible for the riots, which left two students dead and several buildings burned including the Prime Minister's residence. He said the Government has not met its promised of making public the results of an investigation concluded 72 hours after the events took place. Ximenes added that if the Government is not transparent on this investigation, it is likely that such violent events will occur again.

2. The Commander of the Falintil-FDTL, Gen. Taur Matan Ruak, yesterday commented on rumors were saying that some invisible personalities were behind the scenario of confronting the Defense Force (F-FDTL) and National Police (PNTL) aimed at setting up dictatorship regime in the country. Mr Ruak sent a clear message that the Falintil-FDTL's position is independent as stipulated by the Constitution. Mr Ruak appealed to the community to stay calm.

3. A Parliamentarian member from Fretilin Party, Mrs Cipriana Pereira, yesterday commented on the controversial Immigration and Asylum Bill saying that if the national leaders do not want to solve the problem of the Immigration and Asylum Bill (articles 11, 12) through a dialogue, then they want to bring the nation into the mob rule (the strongest is the winner)


1. The Commander of the Falintil-FDTL, Gen Taur Matan Ruak, yesterday told STL and Timor Post that former Falintil guerillas handed their fire guns over to Government, except 3 persons. However, Falintil-FDTL has provide the police a complete report (self identification and their possessions) in order to trace them and to confiscate their guns. General Ruak said this in response to rumors that members of the former Falintil are using their fire guns and did not hand it over to the Government or Police.

2. A member of the National Parliament from Fretilin, Mr Antonio Cardoso, yesterday urged the National Parliament to investigate the assistance fund program "build the society for development" from Portugal which totals US$ 3 million. Mr Cardoso said that Eur$ 2 million was given to the Catholic Church (Diocese's Dili and Baucau). And Eur $ 1million was channeled through the Department of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation. Mr Cardoso urged the National Parliament to invite Dr Jose Ramos Horta to clarify the matter.

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