Subject: Daily Media Review 31 July 2003

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Dili, July 31 2003

Daily Media Review

Alkatiri: Timor-Leste And Indonesia Still Have Boundary Issues

Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri stressed during the 'open governance' meeting in the Oecussi enclave that border demarcation should not be seen as a provocation or as a way of separating the people but rather as a way of allowing the two countries to be in charge of their own affairs. Alkatiri told Oecussi residents that the demarcation of boundaries is still being negotiated between the governments of Timor-Leste and Indonesia, adding that peace and stability is important for Oecussi residents. The Prime Minister was responding to concerns about stability raised by the people of Passabe. (TP)

Investigation on Foreign Citizens Working For The Government

Suara Timor Lorosae reported that the implementation of the legislation on citizenship is becoming a problem as the government is discriminating against some Timorese citizens wishing to have a national passport. It is also reported that although the citizenship status of some government officials is still unclear, they have already been issued with Timor-Leste diplomatic passports. The Director of Dili University, Lucas da Costa said that, for this reason, an investigation is required for those holding high office in the government. MP Lucia Lobato (PSD) raised this problem on Tuesday and her concern was supported by MP Rui Menezes (PD) who recalled that, according to the Constitution, only Timorese citizens are allowed to occupy official positions in the government. (STL)

Horta: Mario Does Not Need To Ask For Asylum Overseas

Foreign Affairs and Cooperation Minister, Jose Ramos Horta, said on Tuesday that there is no need for Mario Carrascalão to ask for political asylum in another country because his eviction from the house he was living in was not political. The government had followed the land and property regulations, which applies in this country, said Horta. (STL)

CAVR President Awarded Asia Nobel Prize

The CAVR President Aniceto Guterres Lopes was awarded the Ramon Magsaysa Prize. Lopes, a former lawyer and Head of the local non-government organization Yayasan Hak, was chosen in the category of "Emergent Leadership". A statement released by Foundation Ramon Magsaysay Prize says the Timorese leader was recognized for his 'courageous defence of justice and law during the turbulent transition of Timor-Leste to the community of nations'. The award will be presented on August 31 in the Philippines Cultural Centre. (Lusa)

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