Subject: Angola Acting PM Analyses Police Support Asked By East Timor

Acting Premier Analyses Police Support Asked By East Timor

September 9, 2003 4:25pm Africa News Services

The Angola's support in the development of East Timor's National Police topped the talk that the country's acting Prime-Minister, Joaquim David, held on Monday, in Luanda, with the Interior Minister of East Timor, Rogerio Lobato, Angop learnt on Tuesday.

"Angola is a country of vast experiences in the field of internal security and East Timor is interested, as a newly independent State, to take this advantage, through a good bilateral cooperation", Mr Lobato declared at the end of the audience.

East Timor, a former Portuguese colony, situated in the Asian continent, pursues in this cooperation, with immediate objective, the creation of an internal social stability capable to promote the investment in private sector.

According to Rogerio Lobato, to overcome the current crisis in the working market and to get the people away from the current condition of provision are the goals outlined by East Timor's authorities with the intervention of the private operators in the country's economy.

"East Timor has problem with the working market, the people cannot depend on the providence condition, it is necessary to develop the private sector, but it may only be developed if there is peaceful, security and stability climate", he explained, emphasizing the availability of of the Angolan authorities to give the appealed support.

On this regard, the Angolan Interior Minister, Oswaldo Serra Van-Dunem, on Tuesday informed that Angola may grant, in future, an action aiming at training the trainers of East Timor's Police officers.

That cooperation will go through the redefinition, by both states, of new methodologies, in order to guarantee a peaceful climate for citizens.

Rogerio Lobato, who is in Angola since last Saturday, met also with the Commissioner of Angola's National Police, Jose Alfredo Ekuikui, with whom he analysed inherent matters.

That East Timor's official is expected to visit "Capolo II", the country's National Police School, located in Luanda, as well as the provinces of Cabinda and Bengo.

Mr. Lobato is due to leave Angola next Monday.

The Democratic Republic of East Timor is the world's newest Nation, became independent in May 20th, 2002.

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