Subject: UNMISET Daily Media Review 28 December 2004

UNMISET Daily Press Review

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Daily Media Review Tuesday, 28 December 2004

Abel Ximenes: Investment Law should be promulgated in 2005

Vice Minister of Development and Environment Abel Ximenes was quoted as saying that the investment law should be promulgated in 2005 so that foreign investors can invest in the development of Timor-Leste, particularly in the areas of tourism and the environment. Ximenes said there is an urgent need for Timor-Leste to build its resources. "We need to train our human resources, and be prepared to welcome tourists, otherwise they will not come," Ximenes added. (Timor Post)

Bishop Nascimento: Timor-Leste has begun towards democracy

Speaking during Christmas Eve mass, Bishop Basilio Nascimento of Baucau Diocese stated that even though Timor-Leste is a new nation, there are positive steps being made along the road to democracy.

"We, Timorese, should assess ourselves on how to maintain our faith as Christians. We should continue to have a big heart and an open mind. We need to look into the difficulties faced by this country with deep faith," reminded Bishop Nascimento.

Moreover, the Bishop said that Christmas was not only a time to adore God but it was a time to maintain and foster the faith filled with the spirit of God. "We, Timorese Christians, should not only think we are the majority but we should maintain our tradition [of tolerance] with our faith". With this, he added, everything would flourish. (STL)

Claudio Ximenes: Justice sector progresses in 2004

President of Court of Appeal Claudio Ximenes told the media recently that the justice sector, especially district courts, has progressed in 2004. This, he said, had to do with the fact that in September international judges came to offer their services in all district courts.

"Until September around 600 cases in all district courts were almost settled", Ximenes said. "The process of cases has been well handled by international judges since they have good skills, and are well prepared for the job".

In addition, Ximenes also said that in 2004 there has been good progress in the training programme for lawyers. "Around 60 Timorese took part in the training, which started in September. Currently, an assessment of the training has been carried out, and the results are expected to be announced in January next year", said Ximenes. (STL)

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