Subject: UNMISET Daily Media Review 30 December 2004

UNMISET Daily Press Review

Compiled by the Public Information Office from national and international sources

Daily Media Review Thursday, 30 December 2004

PM Alkatiri: Timor-Leste to assist Tsunami victims

Prime Minister Mari Alkatiri told media that Timor-Leste could assist neighbouring countries such as Indonesia, Malaysia, and Thailand and other countries that were affected by the recent Tsunami. PM Alkatiri made the above statement to both local and foreign media after delivering his end of year message to the country. He added that although Timor-Leste is the poorest country in the region, it does not hinder the country in expressing and extending its solidarity and condolences.

Meanwhile, President Gusmão was also reported to have expressed his condolences on the disaster and said that “it is time for Timor-Leste to return the solidarity of the international community during its independence struggle that reached the epic moment in what was called “black September 1999”. (STL)

MP Amaral: Lobato and Martins to Punish Police Involved in Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism

MP Clementino Amaral stated that he urged Interior Minister Lobato and PNTL Commissioner Martins to apply strict measures against members of PNTL who are suspected of being involved in corruption, collusion and nepotism in Liquica district. MP Amaral made the above statement following a confession by a suspect supplying illegal goods after bribing a member of PNTL. MP Amaral also stated that should the information be correct, the PNTL members involved should be punished in order to prevent other officers from following the same path. (STL)

Mari Alkatiri: Values of democracy flourish in 2004

In delivering his New Year’s message to the nation on Wednesday, Prime Minister Dr. Mari Alkatiri stated that all people understood peace, stability, and valued democracy. Therefore, during 2004, peace, stability and democracy have been firmly strengthened. Moreover, Alkatiri said that the Government has made a great effort from 2002 until 2004 in showing all populations that Timor-Leste has the ability to strengthen peace, stability and democracy.

In addition, Prime Minister said the year 2005 would be a year for the public administration itself to assess the civil servants, and for all society to assess their own work in developing Timor-Leste. He promised that from 2005 up to 2007, if all people change their mentality on how to get involved further in the process of development, Timor-Leste would be far better than other [developing] countries. (Timor Post)

Xanana Gusmão: Respect the Constitution when talking about FALINTIL

After participating in a Christmas celebration held by the Former Combatants Association (AAC), President Xanana Gusmão said that whenever talking about FALINTIL, everyone should respect Timor-Leste’s Constitution. “This means that through FALINTIL, clandestine organisations were formed aimed at fighting for independence which we have achieved. With this principle, we managed in August 1999, to reap the fruit of our struggle of the previous 24 years,” the President added.

According to the Constitution, the President said, there would be recognition for those who participated in the struggle for independence. “The State will honour the freedom fighters. By honouring them, we will bow to them because it was through them that we managed to attain our independence”, the President further stated. (Timor Post)

Luis Lobato: Building infrastructure is important for the health sector

Vice Minister of Health Luis Lobato said that from 2002 until 2004, his ministry had given importance to the building of infrastructure, recruitment of civil servants and legislation, and the development of human resources.

Until December 2004, Lobato said, the Ministry of Health has managed to establish 29 new health centres in 29 sub-districts, rehabilitate 36 health centres in 36 sub-districts and 9 buildings in 9 districts, the central pharmacy and ministry of health buildings, and build 98 clinics as well as 10 houses for medical doctors.

In regards to the perspectives of the Ministry of Health for the year 2005-2007, Lobato said that it would continue to make efforts in guaranteeing close access of health services for the community. (Timor Post)

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