Subject: KMP: CNRT disappointed by pro-integration group
Date: Sat, 06 Mar 1999 08:41:25 -0500
From: Bruno Kahn <>

Wednesday, 3 March 1999

CNRT disappointed and feels to be made a fool by the pro-integration group

* Friday, US Foreign Affairs minister meets Xanana

Jakarta, Kompas Online

The Conselho Nacional de Resistencia Timorense-CNRT (National Council of Timorese Resistance) group feels to be made a fool by the political elite of the East Timor ( Timtim ) group or the pro-integration society because they don't react on the good intentions of the CNRT to sit together and discuss the way out of the solution of the Timtim problem in facing its future. The pro-integration group is evaluated unable to control the people and exactly inciting war which seems exactly to bring suffering to the common and innocent people.

In relation with the escalation of clashes among the citizens in Timtim. the CNRT leadership disclosed that there is a strong suspicion of the involvement of Combined Intelligence Units ( SGI ) behind various actions of upheavals at a number of towns in Timtim," said the CNRT Chairman Jose Alexandre Xanana Gusmao in a press release at the Branch of the Special Correctional Institute, Jakarta (III/2)

He was sided by the Secretary General of the Klibur Oan Timor Ba Dame (Association for Peace of East Timorese) Hipolito Aparicio, the Coordinator of CNRT's National Political Commission Manuel Carrascalo, CNRT member Daniel Diaz Ximenez, Fretilin's Secretary General Mau Hudu Jose da Costa, member of the Fretilin Presidium Ma Hunu Antonio Joao Gomes da Costa, Xanana's legal proxies from the PBHI (Indonesian Legal Support Association) Johnson Panjaitan and Antonino Goncalvez.

"We, the CNRT are really disappointed and feel to be made a fool as if we are little children. We are ready to discuss peace but the group which calls itself the political elite and intellectuals of Timtim has thus far not responded on our good intentions. They are exactly inciting war. We have waged war for 23 years already and don't want that war repeated. But they, who have enjoyed integration with Indonesia want war instead. What do they know about war? We want peace. Impossible to reach a solution for the East Timor problem, if there is no agreement for peace among all groups in Timtim," Xanana clarified. He then called some names like Abilio Jose Osorio Soares. Armindo Mariano Soares, Domingus dos Dores Soares and Domingus Polycarpo who are in Jakarta but don't show the goodwill to start negotiations with the CNRT.

This disappointment of the CNRT was also brought forward by Xanana when he met Major General Zacky Anwar Makarim and the Commander of the Military Resort 164/Wiradharma Col. (Inf.) Tono Suratman on February 23, 1999 and was willing to become the facilitator and mediator with the pro-integration side, which proved not to receive positive responses. "We already met with Major General Zacky and the Commander of the Military Resort Col. Tono Suratman to discuss various problems at Timtim and the meeting with the pro-integration group. But what and where are their comments?" Xanana said.

As CNRT Chairman Xanana is also disappointed because there is no positive response from the pro-integration group. According to him, the absence of a positive response is indirectly discrediting the good reputations of President BJ Habibie and the Minister of Defense and Security/Armed Forces Commander, General Wiranto.

Asked to clarify further the involvement of the SGI behind various riots in Timtim, Xanana got reports from the CNRT leadership and ranks that the SGI which was formed more than 10 years ago were behind various riots which made the people suffer.

Visit of the US Foreign Minister

About the possibility that the US Foreign Minister Madeleine Albright will meet Xanana Gusmao as a part of her visit to Indonesia, Panjaitan confirmed this. "The US Foreign Minister Albright is ascertained to meet Xanana directly at this Special Correctional Institute of Salemba. Probably after her courtesy call to President BJ Habibie and after meeting some prominent persons like Megawati Soekarnoputri, Amien Rais and KH Abdurrahman Wahid," Panjaitan said.

About the time Panjaitan said, "According the schedule which I received, it was set on coming Friday, March 5 around 11.00 local time." (*)

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