Subject: RadRen: JRH reservations about UN agreement
Date: Sat, 20 Mar 1999 09:13:35 -0500
From: "John M. Miller" <>

BBC Summary of World Broadcasts

March 13, 1999, Saturday

Resistance leader Horta has reservations about consultation agreement Radio Renascenca, Lisbon, in Portuguese 0900 gmt 12 Mar 99

Text of report by Portuguese Renascenca radio on 12th March Portugal and Indonesia have reached a historic agreement for East Timor. Xanana Gusmao [Timorese resistance leader recently moved from prison to house arrest] is to be freed, and the Timorese will be able to say yes or no to the autonomy plan in a direct consultation. Jose Ramos Horta [vice-president of the National Council of the Timorese Resistance and Nobel Peace laureate] has reservations.

[Horta] The question is how is it possible to carry out an open and democratic direct consultation when the Indonesian army is still on the ground, when the military intelligence services are still fuelling violence in Timor, when Indonesian Foreign Minister Ali Alatas says that Xanana Gusmao will not be freed before such a consultation, when there are no signs of how the population will be registered, and the consultation is to be held in July.

[Presenter] Ramos Horta is wondering about the thousands of Indonesian citizens in East Timor.

[Horta] It is necessary to have a registration process to identify the Timorese, to know who are the Timorese who will vote. Obviously it is not in our interest to have Indonesian emigrants in other islands pretending to be Timorese, there are tens of thousands in Timor; the UN has a lot of experience in registration of people. The main question is to withdraw Indonesian forces, or at least to reduce them to a minimum acceptable level, to be agreed by all sides.

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