Subject: CNRT: Civilians Shot Dead in East Timor
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 1999 09:12:21 -0500
From: "John M. Miller" <>

CNRT Timor-Leste


Civilians Shot Dead in East Timor

Jakarta, 20 March 1999 - The office of CNRT President Xanana Gusmao received information today that a group of about 20 armed and masked men raided the Maliubu hamlet - 'suco' of Ritabou, 'posto' of Maliana - on the evening of Friday 19 March.

The masked men arrived by 'Kijang' at 6:30 pm and opened fire on civilians gathered in the hamlet. Pedro Assamali (30 years old), Domingos Manomau (25), Joao Ruben Barros (11) and Fonseca Gomes (11) were killed. Narciso dos Santos (19), Esminia Imaculada (13), Carlito da Cunha dos Santos (30), Mateus Afonso de Jesus (28) and Lucia da Cunha dos Santos, aged 17 were wounded.

Witnesses reported that the operation lasted about 30 minutes and that some of the masked men wore Indonesian military uniforms. The injured victims were initially taken to the Maliana hospital and later transferred to the parish polyclinic of Maliana. Two of them are in a critical condition. 17 houses were looted (money, personal belongings and a recorder were stolen) and 2 of them seriously damaged.

The Halilintar militia group based in Maliana under the leadership of Joao Tavares is believed to be responsible for these murders in a joint operation with the Indonesian military and SGI.

The local Indonesian authorities are not reacting and word has just reached Mr. Gusmao's office that the Indonesian military in East Timor are trying to put the blame on FALINTIL guerrillas. Mr. Gusmao calls for a full and speedy investigation of these cold-blooded murders. He deeply regrets that at a moment when both the East Timorese people and the international community are undertaking efforts to attain peace and reconciliation, SGI sponsored militia groups and the Indonesian military should continue to intimidate and terrorize the population.


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