Subject: CNRT: Security Situation in ET Deteriorates
Date: Sat, 27 Mar 1999 09:20:45 -0500
From: Charles Scheiner <>

Posted at the request of CNRT

CNRT Timor-Leste



Sources inside East Timor have reported that Indonesian soldiers from the district military command (Kodim) in Baucau today began shooting arbitrarily into crowds in the Baucau market, resulting in two deaths and numerous injured. The same source reported that shots were fired against prisoners detained in the Baucau prison of Kai Sahe where a group of youths detained at the time of the shooting spree were subsequently taken. In addition, CNRT Dili was informed today of a meeting which is said to have been called by the head of the Baucau district military command (Kasdim) earlier today at which a number of issues were discussed, included amongst them the need for ABRI officials to focus their campaigns on "socialisation" of the autonomy proposal and breaking the back of the pro-independence movement, with particular reference made to CNRT cadres and supporters.

Other reports indicate that violence instigated by the military-backed civilian militia groups in the Lois region have resulted in scores of people, largely supporters of the pro-independence movement, fleeing across the border into Atambua. In addition, unconfirmed reports of 63 arrests being made by Kodim in the Dilor/Lakluta area of Viqueque in the wake of provocation on the part of (non-Makikit) militia groups have been received.

Information has also been obtained from East Timor that between the hours of 16:00 and 17:00 on 22 March, 1999, two East Timorese were severely beaten by members of the Indonesian Armed Forces in Maliana. It appears that the two were suspected of having been indirectly involved in the kidnapping and murder of two Indonesian soldiers on March 6. The identities of the two East Timorese, now believed to be detained in Kodim headquarters in Maliana, are as follows:

1) JOSE ANDRADE (47 years) - native of Rita Bou village - teacher 2) CARLOS MAIA (54 years) - native of Laho-Mea - civil servant

The soldiers reportedly involved in the beating of the two are:

a) Seargent Gouveia Leite b) Seargent Joseph Legui c) Corporal Rui Beremano d) Corporal Bere-Laka

Indonesian officials have recently rebutted claims that Indonesian medical and other professionals have permanently fled East Timor. The reason for the rebuttal would appear to be aimed at rejecting efforts by the international community to push for the immediate dispatch of medical supplies and personnel to East Timor. Whilst it would appear to be true that some Indonesian doctors remain in the territory, there are reports that Indonesian and Timorese medical personnel are being subjected to intimidation and actively prevented by the military from working. This intimidation seems to be linked to attempts by the military to replace civilian medical staff and other professional people such as teachers, with military personnel.

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