Subject: Book by Xanana launched in his house
Date: Fri, 12 Mar 1999 18:23:17 -0500
From: (TAPOL)

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Book by Xanana launched at Xanana's house in Jakarta

A book by Xanana Gusmao and published by Solidamor was launched at the house where Xanana is now staying in Jakarta, on Sunday 7 March. The book is entitled: Free East Timor, Liberate Indonesia

Speaking at the launch, the editor, Tri Agus S Siswowiharjo said that the book contains a huge amount of information that has never been made available to the Indonesian public. 'We have only had the version of ABRI and the government, and nothing else,' said Tri Agus who is head of Media Relations at Solidamor.

The 210-page book contains interviews of Xanana by Indonesian and foreign journalists as well as two papers written by Xanana for presentation at conferences in Jakarta and Auckland, New Zealand. Another section consists of writings about East Timor by Tri Agus which he wrote during his two-year imprisonment, three months of which was spent in Cipinang Prison, in a cell next to Xanana's cell.

Speaking at the launch, Xanana said: 'I first got to know Tri Agus as a Pijar activist and then during his stay in Cipinang. I very much hope that this book will help the people of Indonesia to have a better understanding ofr the struggle of the people of East Timor.'

After a ceremonial presentation of a copy of the book to Xanana by Gustav Dupe, it was Xanana's turn to be the interpreter for Tri Agus when he was interviewed by several Portuguese journalists in Portuguese.

The book is now on sale in a number of bookshops in Jakarta including Gramedia and Gunung Agung.

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