November 2003 

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Early November 

Australia-E Timor Boundary Talks
NGOs Urge Howard to Play Fair in Boundary Talks with East Timor
ETAN: Fact Sheet: E Timor's Boundary Dispute with Australia

Coalition stretches credibility with Australia's elastic borders
Australia Accused of Stalling Timor Boundary Talk
East Timor PM Accuses Australia Of Delaying Oil Talks
Australian Gov Fends Off Criticism Over Timor Sea Treaty
Fund for future generations will 'safeguard' oil wealth, says PM
TSO: Maritime Boundary Talks between Timor-Leste and Australia

Australia refuses to set border talks deadline*
No Timetable for E Timor Boundary

November 17 - 29
Gusmao Says Much Can Be Achieved from Ashes
Australia encouraged to embrace globalisation
Timorese Militiaman Gets 9 Yrs Jail For Human Rights Crimes
Students learn to rebuild Timor
East Timorese losing confidence
A. Sampaio speech at transparency conference
UN's failure to integrate Falintil veterans may cause East Timor to fail

"Victims 1975-1999 ask the Government of America to support the creation of an international tribunal.  Congratulations 227 (years since 4 July 1776)." Demonstration. Dili, East Timor. Photo by Charles Scheiner. 

Where Is the Justice? UN, U.S. Must Break the Silence on Crimes in East Timor Since Invasion; Impunity Encourages Violations in Indonesia; Uncertainty in East Timor

NGOs Urge Howard to Play Fair in Boundary Talks with East Timor
ETAN: Fact Sheet: E Timor's Boundary Dispute with Australia

LH: East Timor gives U.S. military exemption from ICC

ETAN: Question the Candidates: Election 2004 & East Timor and Indonesia

ETAN: U.S. Senate Bans Military Training for Indonesia, Defies Administration Over Lack of Progress in Prosecuting Killers of U.S. Citizens

ETAN: Bush Must Set Record Straight: No Military Assistance for Indonesia

ETAN: Indonesian Court's Final East Timor Sentence "A Joke"

Action Alert: Demand Justice for East Timor!

LH Bulletin: Double issue: Timor Gap oil and Brazilian Aid to East Timor (August 2003: Bulletin Vol. 4, No. 3-4)

Support ETAN: Message from Howard Zinn

Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring 
Nov 27, 2003
Nov 26, 2003
Nov 25, 2003
Nov 21, 2003
Nov 20, 2003
Nov 20, 2003
Nov 19, 2003
Nov 18,2003
Nov 17,2003
Serious Crimes Unit and other Justice  Updates (November)

E Timor Remembers Santa Cruz Victims, Calls For Probe
Wiranto shakes off murderous stigma in search of presidency

ET Alliance for an International Tribunal: Response to article East Timor determined to leave its past behind

Serious Crimes Updates

SCU: Special PanelSentences Former LAKSAUR Militia Member to 9 years for Crimes against Humanity in April 99

SCU: Special Panel Judges Sentence Carlos Soares to 4 ½ Years for Murder in Sept 1999
Timorese Militiaman Gets 9 Yrs Jail For Human Rights Crimes
JSMP: Clandestine Member Sentenced for Murder by the Special Panel for Serious Crimes Cases in Dili
JSMP: Special Panel For East Timor Ignores the Importance of Public Participation in Court Proceedings

E. Timor- Former pro-RI militiamen get more than 10 years in jail
SCU: Special Panel Sentences two Former Liquica Militia Members for Crimes Against Humanity*
JSMP: Special Panel in Dili Finally Releases Illegal Detainee*
JSMP: Special Panels for Serious Crimes face further setback as International judge called home*
E Timor Court Sentences Militiaman To Prison For Murder
Most Suspects in E. Timor Violence Remain Free in Indonesia
E. Timor Charges Indon Army Chiefs For '99 Massacre
SCU: Baucau Indictment Charges Former Indonesian TNI Commander in Baucau, 12 TNI Members and Baucau Militia Commanders*

see October, September, August, July, June, May, April Serious Crimes Updates

see October, September, August, July, June, May, April, March, February updates on Indonesia Ad Hoc Court

JSMP/Asia Pacific Centre for Military Law: Symposium On Justice For International Crimes Committed in The Territory of East Timor (English, Portuguese)*

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November 14 - 21
Truth hearings recalling Indonesian brutality conclude in East Timor
Witnesses recount horrors of Santa Cruz massacre
Witnesses recount 25 years of massacres
Delegates Stress Importance of Respect for all Human Rights

Wide Support for Democracy Found in East Timor
UN Failed in Dili Riots- Inquiry
Australia pledges support for East Timor's security after UN pullout

Rebuilding a land torn by warfare
Aussie cities unite to assist East Timor
Tutor delays adieu to Alieu
Healing Manatuto
Acute shortage of doctors, medicine

E Timor's $2.8bn oil claim
A. Sampaio speech at transparency conference
Indonesian gov't to Increase Markets in Border Region

Other Links (open in new window)

WB: Development Partners Meeting Dec 2003

UNMISET: World Aids Day: Several hundred in Dili march, PM pledges resources to fight virus

UNMISET: Investigation of Police Response to the riots on 4th December 2002
UNMISET: UNPOL on Dec 4th report: police must work ‘with available evidence’

National Action Plan for Youth and ICT 2004-2006, Timor-Leste

PeaceWomen Project: Engendering Peace Agreement Processes: Preparation for the Commission on the Status of Women 2004; see also: UN: Peace Agreements as a Means for Promoting Gender Equality and Ensuring Participation of Women

When Real Estate is Hot Property (October 2003)

New Internationalist: The Blessed Curse (Timor Oil resources)

IRI: National Opinion Poll  East Timor November 2003 (PDF)

SBS Dateline: Timor Torture
UN: Adequate Resources Must Be Provided to Ensure Success of Peacekeeping Missions
UNMISET: Conference on Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration

CIIR: Women's groups boost economy in villages

Overseas Development Institute: Rebuilding health services after conflict: Lessons from East Timor and Afghanistan

Victoria Gov't: Environment Aid to East Timor, Schools Forge New Bonds

Indonesia: Statement to UN on Refugees

UN: 'Remarkable' Gains Made In Timor-Leste Since UN Support Mission Established, But UN Presence Needed Beyond End Of Mandate, Security Council Told (Oct. 15, 2003)
Statements by Australia, European Union, India, Japan, Mexico (spanish), New Zealand, Portugal, U.S.

UNDP: Timor-Leste completes two milestone infrastructure projects

Boletim Económico: Timor-Leste’s First Circulating Coins (PDF)

Report of the Secretary-General on the UNMISET S/2003/944 (PDF)
PM Alkatiri's Address to UN General Assembly

Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation of Timor-Leste website (new official website)
Official Gazette of Government of East Timor

Kissinger Watch

November 10 - 14 

East Timor's future in the balance
Xanana on Starting from Scratch in East Timor
Bid to coax rebels into the fold

E Timor introduces own coins
Lisbon minister pledges continued aid beyond end of UN mandate

Anti-Terrorism Cooperation with West Timor
Refugees may be denied the vote

Nov 14, 2003
Nov 13, 2003
Nov 11, 2003
Nov 10, 2003

Early November 
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