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Letter to the Editor March 10, 2000, Friday, FINAL EDITION

Kissinger wrong choice

Indonesia's President Abdurraham Wahid has appointed former U.S. secretary of State Henry Kissinger an adviser to Indonesia's nascent democracy.

Kissinger has a reputation for undercutting, not building, democracy ("Kissinger's new job," The World Report, News, Feb. 29).

Kissinger, in my view, has a long and notorious history of practicing international lawlessness, such as the illegal bombing of Cambodia, and helping subvert democratically elected government leaders, such as Salvador Allende in Chile.

Kissinger, with President Ford, gave the green light while in Jakarta before Indonesia launched its 1975 invasion of East Timor and kept up the flow of U.S. weapons to Indonesia, whose troops are accused of massacring many in East Timor.

Indonesia's Commission of Inquiry on East Timor investigated actions only since January 1999, leading up to last year's pro-independence vote. Kissinger says he plans an annual visit to Indonesia. When the Indonesian government opens an investigation into East Timor, it should consider detaining Kissinger on his next visit as a material witness, and prosecuting him as an accomplice.

John M. Miller 
East Timor Action Network 
Brooklyn, N.Y.

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