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Subject: Rep: ET Students picket US consulate
Date: Wed, 02 Dec 1998 13:54:23 -0500
From: "John M. Miller" <>

December 1, 1998, Tuesday Students urge international trial for ex-President Suharto Republika

November 30 98

Surabaya: About 50 East Timor university students and youths, who belong to the Movement of East Timor University Students for Peace [GMTTP] and the Nacionalista group, picketed the US consulate-general on Dr Sutomo Road in Surabaya last Saturday. The East Timor university students and youths presented a letter to the US consulate-general demanding that former President Suharto and former Armed Forces Commander Leonardo Benjamin Murdani be tried at the International Court of Justice.

They demanded that the second president of the Republic of Indonesia and Murdani be tried for their responsibility for the Indonesian invasion of East Timor on 7th December 1975. Not only were there human rights violations but many people were also killed during the invasion.

"Suharto, who was president at that time, ordered the invasion and Leonardus Benjamin Murdani, who was armed forces commander at that time, executed the order. They can, thus, be regarded as world war criminals. They have to be tried at the International Court of Justice," GMTTP Secretary-General Zeto Felix da Costa told journalists in front of the US consulate-general last Saturday.

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