Subject: Antara - Transmigrants: NO SPECIAL ANTICIPATION IN EAST TIMOR
From: "Paula" <>

Wednesday, Februari 3, 1999



Jakarta, Feb 3 (ANTARA) - The Minister of Transmigration, AM Hendropriyono, said that so far his ministry does not have special anticipation for transmigrants in East Timor in connection with the government's decision to free East Tmor from the Republic of Indonesia.

"Until today, except 44 heads of household (transmigrants) who have been moved from East Timor, there have been no complaints from transmigrants in East Timor", he said in response to the press' questions following the opening of a transmigration technical meeting here Wednesday.

He further said that the program of transmigration in East Timor has been implemented as scheduled. If the situation changes, the program also changes.

If the offer of autonomy is accepted by the East Timorese people, the program of transmigration in East Timor will be further focused on local transmigration, because there are still many East Timorese people who have a difficult life and they can be helped by the transmigration program.

"If East Timor is separated from the Republic of Indonesia, they can choose to stay in East Timor or to leave East Timor, it is their Human Right", he said.

The Ministry of Transmigration is ready to help those who want to leave East Timor.

Many transmigrants have properly assimilated with local people and they have even married to local people.

"No special security for them", he said.

The dignity of the civil and military government in East Timor is expected to be higher than the armed Fretilin people.

Until now in East Timor there are 22 units of transmigration resettlement (UPT) which are occupied by 5,750 heads of household. They are developed by the Ministry of Transmigration in 8 regencies, and 9 UPTs have become villages.

In December 1998, 44 heads of household from Central Java were moved to outside East Timor, because their lives were threatened.

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