Subject: CAAT: UK arms trade protest April 28
From: "John M. Miller" <>

From: CAAT Campaigns <> Subject: CAAT Update

We'd be very grateful if you could pass on the below information to your supporters. Everyone is welcome to come and join us on this protest. It would be great to see you there.

Cheers Campaign Against Arms Trade


On 28th April 1999 BAe will hold its AGM at the QEII Conference Centre (to be confirmed) in Central London - and Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT) will be protesting both inside and outside.

CAAT supporters will be going into the meeting with "token shares" to challenge the BAe board on their arms sales to repressive regimes and there will be non-violent direct action. There will be a large protest outside which will include stunts and speakers.

BAe is the UK's largest arms exporting company, due to be made even larger by its planned merger with GEC. 16 BAe Hawk attack fighters are due to leave the UK for Indonesia soon, despite world-wide protest about human rights abuses and the illegal occupation of East Timore since 1975.

BAe also struck a licensing deal through its subsidiary Heckler and Koch to provide the manufacturing facilties for 200,000 assault rifles for the Turkish military who continue their brutal repression of the Kurdish people.

How can you help?

1. Buy a "token share" and take part in the protest inside. These are available from the CAAT office until 1st April.

2. Take part in the outside protest. We need people to do stunts, street theatre, anything creative. Please contact the CAAT office if you want to take part or have any good ideas.

CAAT are holding open planning meetings for the protest. The next meetings are on 10th February and 24th March at 6.30pm in the CAAT office. All are welcome.

Please contact Gideon on 0171 281 0297.

Campaign Against Arms Trade 11 Goodwin St Finsbury Park London N4 3HQ

Tel: 0171 2810297 Fax: 0171 2814369

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