Subject: CT: Indonesia & ET on the Internet
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 21:37:17 -0500
From: "John M. Miller" <>

Canberra Times

February 22, 1999


SINCE 1975, when it was annexed by Indonesia, East Timor seems always to be in the news.

With the talk of independence, East Timor has once again hit the newspapers, though for many activist and human-rights groups the struggle for human rights and independence has always been a current issue. For example, Amnesty International has issued over 70 press statements and reports since 1996 (

Not surprisingly, many such groups have carved out their own space on the Internet. TimorNet (, and its graphic first-hand account of the horrific 1991 massacre in Dili, produced by the University of Coimbra, Portugal, has many links to similar groups' web sites.

Being such a close neighbour, Australia has often been involved with the goings-on in East Timor, though the various actions of Commonwealth Governments since 1975 have not gone uncriticised. Free East Timor ( has a damning history of the Australian connection with the island.

In fact, it seems that in spite of the good intentions of the United Nations ( East Timor hasn't had much help from anywhere. The East Timor Action Network has a not-too-favourable opinion of US Government policy (, and as for Indonesia . . .

See what Indonesia has to say about its occupation of East Timor at its Canadian Embassy Web site (

Indonesia after Suharto Out There News has a splendid knack of presenting newsworthy geographic regions in an easily digestible format. While Indonesia after Suharto might seem slightly simplistic, it is a very good rundown on issues facing Indonesia. Click on the interactive map to learn about East Timor, the logging of rainforests, and Indonesia's current economic difficulties. There's even a quiz to test how much you learned.

Suharto's family business ( Slightly off the topic of East Timor is this fascinating MSNBC site which lists the wealth and business interests of ex-President Suharto's family.

Timor Today As I mentioned, there are plenty of web sites from organisations dedicated to freeing East Timor", but Timor Today, from the East Timor International Support Centre, is one of the best. Like others, this site has news, links and descriptions of human-rights violations in East Timor, and is well set out and a pleasure to visit.


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