Subject: KMP: Pro-Jakarta rally in East Timor vows to "wage warfare" against independence
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 21:37:00 -0500
From: "John M. Miller" <>

BBC Summary of World Broadcasts

Pro-Jakarta rally in East Timor vows to "wage warfare" against independence

Source: 'Kompas', Jakarta, in Indonesian 20 Feb 99

Bobonaro: Some 10,000 supporters of East Timor's integration with Indonesia held a rally in Balibo, Bobonaro District, on 19th February. Veterans of the pro-integration struggle, community figures, and youth representatives stressed that broad autonomy was the best option for settling the East Timor problem. If the UN and Portugal rejected this option, the pro-integration side was prepared to wage open warfare in the territory... The crowd erupted when youth figure Joao Tavares appeared, crying " Long live the red and white!" , "Long live integration!" , and "Long live reform!" . Tavares' family members are descended from kings who reigned under the Portuguese colonial administration, and are greatly respected. Tavares told the crowd that the Bobonaro District people had come to the rally spontaneously, after the facts of the history of integration had been turned on their heads by the East Timorese political elite in Jakarta. "In 1975, the political elite from the four parties defeated by Fretilin [Revolutionary Front for an Independent East Timor] gathered in Balibo and signed a declaration of integration with Indonesia, on 30th November. Now, after 23 years of guidance from Indonesia, where they have become important people, they are screaming that they want to take the second option offered by the government [full independence for East Timor]. They know that, if that option is accepted, they will get high positions in East Timor, but the ordinary people will again be the victims," Tavares said, to applause from the crowd. Another figure, Eurico Guterres, added that, should the autonomy option be rejected [in favour of full independence], he had already prepared 1,200 Aitara [expansion unknown] troops in Dili to defend [the Indonesian connection] in East Timor...

Visits to Mega and armed forces chief In Jakarta, the Justice and Democracy Unity Forum [FPDK] had separate meetings with PDI [Indonesian Democratic Party]-Struggle leader Megawati [Mega] Sukarnoputri and the defence and security minister and armed forces commander, Gen Wiranto. Forum members conveyed their wish that East Timor remain part of Indonesia, with special status and broad autonomy.

Megawati said that discussions about giving East Timor the option of separating from Indonesia should not be blown up into a major issue threatening Indonesian unity. "I see an attempt in certain quarters to raise tensions in this matter," she said at the PDI-Struggle headquarters.

Meanwhile, Gen Wiranto said that ways to get both Fretilin and the Civilian Resistance to lay down their arms were under discussion. He said that the best way to ensure security in East Timor was to bring about a surrender of all arms not held by the Armed Forces of the Republic of Indonesia [ABRI] themselves.

"In other words, a struggle via consultations and dialogue, not an armed struggle. Armed struggle would not be fair [preceding word received in English], and ordinary people would be the victims," said Wiranto, after receiving the FPDK delegation led by Domingus Soares.

Wiranto said that, in the context of a consolidated approach to the latest situation in East Timor, ABRI would come up with a new formula for achieving security and peace of mind in the territory. "If we give them weapons, and there is armed contact, it will be war again," he said.

Wiranto said that the FPDK was very worried that the option of complete separation from Indonesia was on the table. They were determined to fight for the continued incorporation of East Timor as an official part of Indonesia, at any cost...

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