Subject: AJI condemns threats to journalists in Timor
Date: Thu, 25 Feb 1999 21:50:27 -0500
From: (TAPOL)

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Number: 032/AJI/L/II/99 Subject: STRONG PROTEST Attachments : 1 page

Slightly summarised in translation

Protest at threats to Australian journalists from pro-integration para-militaries

The Alliance of Independent Journalists has protested strongly against threats to Australian journalists from pro-integration para-militaries. The threats were contained in a letter from a group calling itself 'East Timor Pro-Integration Para-Military' and addressed to the Australian Foreign Minister on 25 February. The letter said that they were ready to sacrifice the life of an Australian diplomat or journalist.

The letter, signed by Cancio Lopez de Carvalho, Commander of MAHIDI (Mati Hidup Demi Integrasi) and Eurico Guterres, Aitarak Commander, in the name of the Paramiliter Pro-Integrasi Timor Timur, reads as follows.

"It is better to sacrifice an Australian diplomat or journalist to save the lives of the 850.000 East Timorese, rather thean sacrificing the lives of the 850.000 East Timorese just to feed an Australian diplomat or journalist".

This threat is an act of terror endangering the lives of journalists in the performance of their professional duties and an attack on press freedom and on the right of the public to know about the true facts of the situation in East Timor.

It is also an attack backed by force on the personal security of journalists and diplomats, and represents a crime as well as a human rights abuse.

Everyone in East Timor, whether pro- or anti-integration is entitled to a peaceful atmosphere in East Timor, for the sake of East Timor's future.

AJI therefore:

1. Protests strongly at the threat issued by the pro-integration para-militaries in East Timor which places the lives of Australian diplomats and journalists at risk.

2. Demands that the para-militaries withdraw this threat.

3. Calls on the authorities to take measures against those who have issued this threat which is punishable under Indonesia's Criminal Code.

4. Calls on all sides in East Timor to give unfettered access to journalists to carry out their journalistic activities in East Timor.

Jakarta, 26 February 1999

Chair, Lukas Luwarso Advocacy coordinator, Ging Ginanjar

Lamp: Salinan



As a victim of Australian hypocrisy and ingratitude since World War II, a victim of Australian internal political parties warfare, a victim of Australian ambivalent political stand on the issue of East Timor trying to satisfy all the parties involved (Indonesia, UN, pro-integration group, pro-independence group, pro-referendum group), a victim of Australian vendetta against Indonesia, a victim of the dirty garne by Australian myopic and deceitful Diplomats and Journalists, we -- THE PARAMILITARY OF PRO-INTEGRATION, declare as follows: 1. It is better to sacrifice an Australian Diplomats or Journalists to save the lives of the 850.000 East Timorese, rather than sacrificing the lives of the 850.000 East Timorese just to feed an Australian Diplomat or Journalist 2. It is better to sacrifice the Australian Political Mercenaries in the Australian Parliament who are trying to achieve their maximum political party's victory at the expense of the tears, blood and lives of the innocent East Timorese be used as object of political exploration 3. No more deal with no one - INTEGRATION IS FINAL

Therefore, the 13.000 to 15.000 Pro-Integration Paramilitary group is willingly looking forward to meeting and facing any Australian hypocrities, deceivers and political mercenaries (including the East Timor pro-independence Australian Peacekeeping Force)on the soil od East Timor - DAY AND NIGHT

We fight for nothing, but peace and prosperity for our beloved ones who are politically immature and valuable for political manipulation

On the Hills of East Timor, 25 February 1999 Signed On Behalf of East Timor Pro-Integration Paramilitary Chief Commander

(signature) (signature) Cancio Lopes de Carvalho Eurico Guterres Commander of MAHIDI Commander of AITARAK

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