Subject: 'Strategic Development Planning for East Timor' Conference
From: Sarah Niner <>

Conference on 'Strategic Development Planning for East Timor'

A conference on 'Strategic Development Planning for East Timor' is being planned for Monday 5th till Friday 9th of April at the Victoria University of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. The aim of this conference is to expand the knowledge base and create a field of expertise concerning the current conditions in East Timor, and produce a practical strategic development plan for East Timor based on this knowledge. The specific areas to be addressed will include: Governance and Public Administration Economy Agriculture Health Education Judicial System Environment Infrastructure Mass Communication Gender and human rights issues will addressed in all the above sectors

East Timorese from all over the world have been invited to prepare papers and submit them by March the 1st for possible presentation at the conference. Other interested parties, especially those with experience in East Timor or expertise in development in the above fields, are invited to submit background papers for possible inclusion in workshops. Guidelines are available and submissions encouraged.

For further enquiries

Ms Emilia Pires Dr. Helen Hill CNRT Executive Commission-Regions VUT Senior Lecturer Tel: (03) 9309 5172 Tel: (03) 9365 2298 Fax: (03) 9302 1896 Tel: (03) 9419 6096 Email: Fax: (03) 9365 2242 2 White Court Email: Meadow Heights Dept. of Social Inquiry & VIC 3048 Community Studies Victoria University of Tech P O Box Melbourne MC 8001 Sarah Niner Latobe University Politics Department Bundoora, Australia

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