Subject: LUSA: Tolerance of Pro-Jakarta Collaborators a Must - Ramos Horta
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11 FEV 99 - 19:30 East Timor: Tolerance of Pro-Jakarta Collaborators a Must - Ramos Horta

Lisbon, Feb. 11 (Lusa) - An independent East Timor will need to practice "acts of tolerance and generosity" with former collaborators, resistance leader Jose Ramos Horta said Thursday after an audience with Portuguese President Jorge Sampaio. Ramos Horta is the vice president and overseas representative of the Timorese National Resistance Council (CNRT). To forgive and tolerate former collaborators with the Jakarta regime would be the greatest act of bravery the resistance could show, he said. Ramos Horta stated that he was not contradicting the views of East Timor Bishop Carlos Ximenes Belo, who wants an international court to judge those accused of human rights violations in East Timor. Indonesia's own military command has removed a number of high officials responsible for criminal acts in East Timor, he added. Belo and Ramos Horta shared the 1996 Nobel Peace Prize for their efforts to peacefully resolve the question of East Timor, the former Portuguese colony occupied by Indonesia since 1975.

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