Early May 2000

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May 14 - 31

May 7 - 13
Starting Over In East Timor (Le Monde Diplomatique)
UN peace mission at war with itself
Refugee children sent to Indonesia
Human rights group calls on Indon to disband militia in refugee camps
Filling the desperate need for information in East Timor
ETAN calls on Indon to disband militia in refugee camps
Aussie Soldiers May Face Longer East Timor Stay

Wiranto set for grilling on Tuesday over Timor case
Timorese bishop visits Lisbon mosque
Militiaman wounded in border skirmish
Leandro Isaac criticizes UN performance
CNRT to be disbanded after E. Timor independence- Gusmao
Aerial confrontation during Timor tension reported

Spy Flight Claims May Fan Tensions
East Timor's Falintil fighters to work with UN
Former militias form party to contest first East Timor election
EU committed to aid to East Timor
UNHCR Briefing Notes- May 9 2000
Ramos-Horta elected president of Timor Olympic Committee
Militia leader urges ETimor refugees to return
Australia Earmarks Three Billion Dollars for East Timor

Portuguese reporters denied entry to NTT
Indonesian prosecutors to visit West and East Timor
Indonesian Activists Lash Out at E. Timor Probe
International tribunal for East Timorese 'bloodbath' possible
Workers confront discrimination, poor conditions

May 1 - 6

Signs of Progress Emerge From Rubble
Selfish Bureaucrats Ruining East Timor, Says Ex-UN Planner
Refugees Mistreated in Sumatra
Australia wants Wahid to visit first
Timor's Reluctant President-in-Waiting Keeps His Fans Guessing
Timor leader says slow reconstruction a problem
"Presence of UN civil police in Kupang questioned"
International tribunal for East Timorese 'bloodbath' possible- Albright
East Timor Serves Notice On Redefining Timor Gap Treaty
E Timor Reuilds
'Acts of Faith Will Rebuild My Nation', by Jose "Xanana" Gusmao

Qantas Becomes 2nd Airline To Fly Into Dili In E Timor
Post office's stamp of success
Indonesia's Future Hinges on How Military Is Handled- report
Evidence taken from 'torture centre'
East Timor may compete at Sydney Olympics

Too Soon To Resume Defence Ties, Says Howard
Interview w-Gusmao- Wahid eager for new ties with Australia
East Timor remembers dead journalists
Timor refugees fear return home over harassment reports- UNHCR
Gusmao Acts on Gang Rampage
E. Timor militia leader hobnobs as prosecutors dither

UN and Indonesia open first land crossing between E. and W. Timor
Pertamina sells petroleum products to E. Timor
Number of killed still unknown
New ACTU chief spends May Day helping Timor
Gusmao Calls on Indonesians to Invest in E Timor

May 14 - 31
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