July 2001
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Late July

July 8 - 14
Urging Consideration of War Crimes Court, Galbraith Bids Farewell
Team Alpha militia members testify to Kopassus links
UN Chief announces preventative steps on rumors
National Council Agenda Full Two Days Before Formal Dissolution
east timor headlines-12July2001
Dr. Sergio Lobo detained
east timor headlines-11July2001
West Timor commander vows commitment on East Timor refugee issue
UN fears for East Timorese refugees who chose to go home
Indonesia arrests 23 militia members
east timor headlines-10July2001

UN Security Team Visits Refugee Camps In West Timor
Reconciliation nearer with Gusmao meeting
Fretilin Congress for new reality
East Timor Prepares for First Democratic Election
east timor headlines-9July2001
1000s Taking Part In Discussions of Future Constitution

Manifesto & speech of Partido Democratico
Bishop calls for dialogue between people, politicians
West Timor newspaper summaries 22nd June - 3rd July
TNI's 'Dirty War' Against East Timor Independence
Japanese church leaders oppose Japanese troops in East Timor
Fretilin- Electoral Commitment
Finish the Job in East Timor, Congressman Hall Urges
Fretilin- Electoral Commitment
East Timorese attain democracy one small step at a time
Now available La'o Hamutuk Bulletin Vol 2. No. 3 June 2001: The IMF in East Timor

Listen to Pacifica's Democracy Now RealAudio programs and interviews with East Timorese leaders and activists at http://www.webactive.com/pacifica/demnow.html

July 1 - 7
Two Jordanian UN Police Detained in Dili on Rape Suspicions
The fence-mender Howard missed
east timor headlines - 6 July 2001
UNHCR sends East Timorese refugee back to E. Nusa Tenggara
How will Milosevic's trial affect Indonesia?
Council Approves Budget, Priorities are Infrastructures, Education
Accused of terror, militiaman gives himself up to justice on home turf

TNI officers face new probe over rights violations in E. Timor
Parties Agree on Text of National Unity Pact
Hotel Dili case casts doubt on Timor law
east timor headlines - 4 July 2001
Dili sees three powers as vital to its future

Provinces offer a place to call home for Timor refugees
east timor headlines - 3 July 2001
UN Completes Count Of E Timor's Residents Ahead Of Poll
Sergio Vieira de Mello- Man with a mission to create a country
Portuguese Experts Unveil 15-Year 'Strategic Development' Plan
east timor headlines - 2 July 2001

Bishop Belo Suggests 'Selfish' Legislators Resign
Young Activist Tries to make Social Change
National Unity Government To Be Named Sept. 15 - Vieira de Mello
Malaysia Finances Reconstruction of Baucau Mosque

Late July
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