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June 3 - Remembering the Activist Priest Mangunwijaya and East Timor*

May 26 - East Timor awards medal of honour posthumously to bishop, priests, nuns 

January 8 - Pope to Ambassadors


October 27 - Pope receives East Timor's prime minister
October 25 -
Bishop Belo tries to stop E Timor unrest

October 20 - JRH to see Pope next week; ET Christians Should Respect The Muslim Minority, Says Premier
October 18 - Bishop Belo 'ashamed' to see violence return to East Timor 
October 13 - Maryknoll couple hears calling to work in East Timor
October 12 - East Timor Catholic bishop calls for calm before inquiry commission findings release
October 3 - When this nun speaks, even rival gangs listen

September 15 - USGOV: Int'l Religious Freedom Report 2006 - E Timor
September 6 -
Catholic Church, NGOs discuss draft election proposals for East Timor

August 18 - Catholic Bishop calls for end to regional rivalry, revenge attacks
August 16 - Conflict resolution, humanitarian aid cited as needs in riot-torn East Timor
August 9 - Church tries to foster reconciliation, but the wound heals slowly

July 28 - North Dakota Pastor visits country in turmoil
July 27 -
Church urges reconciliation, but soldiers boycott Mass for victims

July 11 -
Catholic Church welcomes new 'driver' for embattled East Timor
July 11 - Ramos-Horta wants Vatican embassy for Timor*; Church Welcomes New 'Driver' For Embattled East Timor*

June 21 - Toward a New Timor-Leste: the Shared Responsibility of Religious Institutions by Pat Walsh

June 28 - Timor Church to pursue truth and dialogue*
June 8 -
Religious leader says crisis easing
June 7 - Change of PM welcome but not remedy for crisis - Bishop Nascimento
June 5 - M
elbourne prayers for troubled East Timor*
June 4 - Church leaders plead for peace
June 3 - A pastoral letter from the Co-presiding Bishops of the Anglican Church in Aotearoa New Zealand and Polynesia*
June 1 - Dili Salesian tells of anarchy in "city of fear"*

May 31 - Pope urges peace in East Timor*
Churches seek peace amid gang violence in East Timor*
Mission head hit by stone-throwing mob*

May 30 - Catholic Mission supporting sanctuary for Dili children*
May 25 - Independent Catholic News: Aid agencies alarmed at growing violence in East Timor*

March-April - Eureka Street: Redemption in East Timor
March 7 - W Timor Bishop Wants Governments To Arrange Lasting Solution For Former Refugees 

February 12 - Australia Bishop predicts outcry when Timor report circulates

January 21 - Reconciliation with Jakarta without justice is meaningless, says bishop of Baucau
January 11 - Church and civil society against signing agreement with Australia


December 16 - Church leader urges UN chief to set up int'l war crimes court
December 5 -
East Timor Bishop Ricardo to UN Secretary-General on Justice
December 2 - Church based aid agencies and human rights organisations demand publication of the final report of East Timor’s Truth Commission*

November 25 - Catholics Commemorate Brutal, Unforgettable Moment For Church, Nation*
November 3 - News that an East Timor pastor is facing execution is false
October 17 - CathNews: Synod told of Eucharist as 'pulsating heart' of Timor mission
October 2 - Defending the Church in East Timor*

USGOV: International Religious Freedom Report 2005 Timor chapter, Indonesia chapter

September 22 - U.S. Groups Call on Congress to Maintain Restrictions on Military Aid to Indonesia; Urge Conference Committee to Adopt Senate Provisions of Foreign Aid Bill
September 20 -
U.S. Catholic Bishops on Military Aid to Indonesia

August 18 - Loreto Sisters: Timor Conference*

August 4 - Planting the seeds w-Protestant Church of East Timor
August 1 - E. Timor Catholic Church Slams 'Truth Commission;' Urges Int'l Tribunal

June 16 - Accord with gov't does not preclude future protest - church leader
June 2 - End of church dispute allows debate on abortion, prostitution - PM

May 29 - ABCTV Compass: Sister Lourdes - Faith In A Nation
May 13 - Australian Bishops call for generosity in Timor Sea talks
May 8 - Catholic advocates for East Timorese asylum seekers are shocked
May 7 -
Joint Declaration of Church and Timor Government
May - Melbourne Catholic Commission for Justice, Development and Peace: What price for a glass of water in the desert?



East Timorese man touch picture of Pope John Paul II, April 3, 2005. REUTERS/Lirio Da Fonseca


April 27 - E Timor may reconsider religious education ban

April 9, 2005 - Catholic Church of ET Position on Justice Presented to COE 
April- May - Church - State Confrontation

April 5 - BBC: East Timor mourns 'catalyst' Pope
April 3 - E. Timor mourns death of Pope John Paul

March 24 - Ramos Horta blasts Catholic opposition to school curriculum change 
March - Pastoral Letter from the two bishops of TL on national curriculum 
March 7 - Bishop heads community leaders' delegation on Timor boundary 

Feb 7 - Timor Bishop Ricardo opposes war crimes deal
Feb 4 - Nobel Prize-winning bishop will return to serve as priest

January 28 - Hope and perseverance (Bishop Belo)
January 26 - Bishop Belo Calls for Aceh Peace


December 21 - Australia Council urges Govt to 'come to table' on Timor Sea

November 23 -  UCAN: Country Needs Young People With Great Moral Fortitude, Bishop Says*

September 3 - Jesuit says 100% of revenue to East Timor would be fair; Maritime boundary claims down to shelf life
August 6 - Nun challenges media mischief on Timor oil  

July 16 - Is Protestant church in East Timor down for the count?; Uniting Church in Australia - Comment
July 5 - United Islamic Centre of East Timor and CIIR

May - Church Must Work With State For The People (interview with Bishop Alberto Ricardo da Silva)

May - Australian Catholics- A place to call home
May 20 - Christian Brothers leader writes to PM on Timor Sea oil*
May 13 - Josephite support for Timor Sea boundary rethink*
May 7 - CIIR: Indonesia: war criminal stands for president in elections
May 7 - New Bishop to Lead Reconciliation among East Timorese
May 4 - Bishop Belo rules out politics
May 3 -
Excerpts from remarks by the newly appointed Bishop for the Diocese of Dili

April 27 - Indonesia urged to press ET over citizens in Dili Mosque
April 20 - Melbourne Catholic Commission says Australia 'bullying' East Timor*
April 9 -
Bishop Ximenes Belo says 'everything has priority' in East Timor
April 2 - End of UN mission could spark renewed conflict - Bishop Belo

March 24 - Belo calls for dialogue with Islamist movements
March 18 - East Timor's Mother Teresa*
March 7 -
Pope appoints new head of E Timor Catholic church; 2 Bishops Named in East Timor

February 25 - Int'l Islamic Intellectuals Secretariat to Be Set Up in Indonesia
February 24 - Melbourne Catholic Commission welcomes UN recommendation on East Timor
February 23 -
Bishop Belo 'tempted' to run for presidency
February 13 -
Undercover aid workers

February 11 - Timor Leste wants Tabung Haji-Style Agency

January 12 - Security Fears Prompt Belo's Extended UN Mandate Calls; Bishop Basilio do Nascimento asks Macau Diocese for support
January 8 - B
ishop Belo asks UN to stay; Nascimento on Muslim-Christian relations; Church Leader Expects Continued Improvement In 2004*


December 18 - Australian Catholic Univesity National supports education in East Timor
December 9 -
Indonesian bishop rejects aid intended for East Timorese refugees

October 21 - Gusmao's Visit To Holy See Helps Remind World Of Nation's Existence, Bishop Says
October 11 - Pope meets East Timor's Gusmao
November 28 - UCAN: Bishop Visits Mosque For Id Al-Fitr, Urges Unity And Dialogue*

September 25 - A Mother Of Freedom's Love Of Learning (obit of Bishop Belo's mother)
September 23 -
Vatican helps East Timor with youth centre*
September 19 - H.E. President Xanana Gusmão Receives New Apostolic Nuncio*
September 16 -
Bishop Nascimento Says There Are People Who Want to Erode the Church's Foundation
September 11 - Belo scuttles Gusmao's bid to woo Indonesia
September 8 - Basilio Do Nascimento Comments 0n UN Mission; Bishop Belo Says "Media Must Be Free"
September 3 - Bishop Belo Says: Don't Put People's Aspirations into Drawers

August 14 - Emeritus Bishop Belo Message To Political Leaders

July 21 - Sister Lucia of Fatima Blesses The People of Timor-Leste*
July 17 -
Bishop Belo Undergoes Prostate Surgery
July 12 - Gusmao pays two brave priests a timely visit
July 4 -
Nobel laureate Belo say US travel warning bad for investment, tourism

June 13 - Vatican's U.N. nuncio gives peace award to Timor president 
June 12 - Xanana's 2003 Path to Peace Award Acceptance
June 10 - Bishop Belo: EU Decision Leaves Torture Victims Out In The Cold 
June 8 - Bishop Belo: East Timor needs help in rebuilding
June 4 - Australian Catholic bishops welcome East Timor visa decision

June - Recalling the bishop's dedication to an oppressed island people* (Obit of Paul Moore in Episcopal Life)

May 26 - People of Faith Call for International Tribunal for East Timor, Regardless of Indonesian Court Verdicts 
May 20 - CIIR: East Timor celebrates first anniversary of independence* Also in Spanish*
May 9 - Timorese bishop in United States seeking support (Nascimento)
May 9 - Future of Catholic Church Will Mainly Be Pastoral: Belo

April 24 - Bishop says moral, spiritual darkness haunts Timor's Catholics
April 17 - UCAN: Bishop Says Christ's Suffering Reflect Meaning Of Doing God's Will

March 31 - Path to Peace Award to go to Xanana
March 28 - Ramos Horta seeks greater engagement by Vatican, Italy
March 23 - Comunidade Edmund Rice: Letter from East Timor*
March 13 - Catholic influence wanes, but religion still plays a role; West Timor bishop tells Government it's time to act on refugees*  
March - Salesian Bulletin- Kiwanis Dairy Project

February 25 - Church Moderates Conflicts To Help Foster National Reconciliation*
February 24 - Up From the Ashes
February 19 - Australia's Catholic Bishops appeal for Timor refugees
February 9 - Yogyakarta-educated minister becomes Timor's first ambassador to RI
February 3 - Pair held after parading Jesus and Mary

January 29 - Bishop Belo calls for independent control of Timor Sea oil
January 24 - E. Timor clergyman says soldiers among 1999 church attackers
January 21 - Ex-Bishop of Dili invited to serve on Council of State
January 19 - Lonely struggle for peace and justice in E Timor* (Bishop Hilton Deakin on Bishop Belo)
January 7 - Church & gov't leaders remind journalists to be responsible


December 31 - East Timor bishop apologizes for rioting, attack on mosque
December 30 - Interview with Bishop Nascimento 
December 20 - Bishop Belo and the Jakarta ad hoc trial; Bishop Belo vows never to appear at Indon rights court  
December 18 - Bishop Belo: The kid who became bishop and hero calls it a day

December 12 - East Timor's Muslim PM touched by Bishop Belo's post-riot visit
December 6 - Bishop Belo apologizes to E. Timor's Muslims
December 5 - Confrontations reflect population's dissatisfaction, says Belo
December 5 - Rights court adjourns hearing, waits for Belo testimony
December 2 - 6000 farewell ailing bishop
December 1 - Letter from Edmund Rice Community
December - Salesians: Helping to Educate East Timorese*

November 19 - Caritas Australia extends its admiration to Bishop Belo
November 19 - UCAN: Rights Violations Provide Hard Lessons For New Nation
November 28 - Bishop Belo's resignation leaves E Timorese wondering why
November 27 - Belo resigns, Vatican accepts, Bishop Belo, Nobel winner, resigns as head of E Timor diocese, Bishop Carlos Belo steps down after 19 years, Bishop Belo can be more effective in retirement
November 15 - Australian Church Agencies Repeat Call: "Let East Timorese Stay"*
November 13 - Bishop Belo Appeal to Portugal for Vocations
November 11 - Bishop Belo denies report he planning to resign* 

October 31 - Pope expresses solidarity at meeting with East Timor bishops*
October 21 - PM minimizes Church leader's censure
October 20 - Timorese bishop urges nation's leaders to stay at home
October 5 - Bishop Belo: The Next Step For East Timor

September 23 - Religious leader calls for more help from Portuguese people
September 13 - Indonesia's Attorney General Criticizes Bishop Belo
September 10 - Brisbane Catholic Commission worried about UN withdrawal from East Timor*
September 3 - Bishop Belo: Int'l Tribunal for Dignity of Humanity

August 30 - Bishop Belo- Much done but much still to do in East Timor
August 29 -
Bishop (Dom Jose Ribeiro) Kept Timor Secrets To Himself

June 29 - A Pastoral Appeal - On Amnesty and the Settlement of Crimes Against Humanity by Bishop Belo
June 29 - An Invitation To Tea in Dili by Bishop Belo
June 21 - Presbyterian Church resolution in E Timor & Indonesia military reform 
June 20 - Portuguese ambassador inaugurates Bishop Belo's new residence
June 19 - Radio program on Bishop Belo and Lusa
June 18 - East Timor- Five altars find a new home
June 13 - World Council of Churches: East Timor: hope for new life

May 27 - Church Should Lose 'Political Protagonism'- Portuguese Cardinal
May 24 - CNS: East Timor's president says church plays large role in reconstruction
May 23- Bishop urges expulsion of Portuguese journalist from East Timor
May 20- Belo - RI, E. Timor should omit mutual suspicion; Pope congratulates East Timorese, urges construction of just society; East Timorese priest says justice essential to reconciliation efforts
May 19 - Radio National: The Spirit of Things, The Faith of East Timor*; 
East Timorese pray that independence will bring peace
May 18- Bishop Carlos Ximenes Belo- Freedom Is Not Enough (Washington Post Op-ed); Timor bishop complains of rise in prostitution 
May 17 - Lusa: Catholic Church Still a Power to Be Reckoned With; Bishop Belo: Blessed are the peacemakers (CNN Profile)*
May 15 - Pope prays for East Timor as pilgrims wish pontiff 'Happy Birthday'
May 14 - First Tetum-language Bible Expected by End of Next Year
May 14 - US religious superiors lobby Washington for East Timor support *
May 10- Democratic ideals, nationalism emerge in East Timor, bishop says
May 11 - Priest fears rough justice in Timor

April 27 - Thousands Gather to Greet Our Lady of Fatima
April 25 -Statement by Bishop Belo to International Donors

February - Church & Religion in Draft Constitution (prepared by ETAN)
February 20 - No Rush to Approve Constitution Say Belo and Gusmao
February 18 - Timor Lorosae Bishops Asks Help to Repatriate Refugees

January 30 - Churches Want Changes to Constitution
January 16- Church groups call for international tribunal in East Timor
January 10- Former Et Timor guerrillas receive job training at Salesian center
January 11 - Bishop Belo Adds Voice to Election Calls
January 10 - Belo Criticizes Timor Apathy


August - The Catholic Church in East Timor PDF (August 2001)

December 5 - Baucau´s Muslims Celebrate Reconstruction of Burned Down Mosque
October 26 - Bishop Belo calls for return of refugees by end of year

September 13 - Bishop Belo on attack on U.S.
September 11 - Church reportedly invited to help draw up constitution
September 7 - East Timor Nobel laureate Bishop Belo calls for reconciliation with Indonesia
September 3 - Bishop Belo invites refugees to return because of peaceful election
September - Rebuilding East Timor: Don Bosco Comoro*

August 30 - Timorese bishop rejects freedom fighter's call to forgive the guilty
August 28 - Belo seeks war crimes justice for East Timor (op-ed)
August  17 - Bishop Belo's Pastoral letter; East Timor's Bishop Belo appeals for free, fair elections
August 13 - Bishop Belo: Stop the spread of inflammatory campaign material
August 6 - Bishop Belo: New diocese awaits Vatican approval
August 2 - Bishop Belo On Megawati 
August 1 - Gusmao, Belo Meet Durao Barroso

July 23 - Belo boost for Fretilin 
July 19 - Bishop Belo: Civpol must be serious about investigating TNI uniforms case
July 12 - Muslims want prayer times to be aired on Radio UNTAET
July 10 - Fr Martinho Gusmao (Baucau Diocese Youth Commission): No figure more central than Xanana 
July 9 - Bishop Belo calls for dialogue between people, politicians; and Timorese people must be agents of peace

June 29 - Malaysia Finances Reconstruction of Baucau Mosque
June 28 - Bishop Belo Suggests 'Selfish' Legislators Resign
June - Uniting Church of Australia Timor Liaison Project: Handing over to Dili*

May 28 - Bishop Nascimento Visits West Timor, Vote Postponement Possible; Bishop Basilio Greeted Enthusiastically By Refugees in Kupang
May 25 - Bishop Basilio: “If we want to live in peace we have to reconcile; High-Level Reconciliation Meet Underway in Baucau
May 21 - Bishop Belo Prays for Peace at Our Lady of Fatima Shrine; E. Timor bishop calls for calm political process
May 14- Bishop Belo: Don’t use university for politics;   Thousands of Catholics remember the Virgin Mary

13-20 May - Honorary Doctorate for Bishop Belo*
May 8 - E Timorese Bishop To Visit Refugees In W Timor 
May 7 - Bishop Belo: Church must work hard
May 6 - Pressure will bring Timorese refugees home, says former JRS head

April 30 - Bishop Belo: Blind politics if UN flag is lowered
April 26 - Bishop Belo: Leaders must address grassroots’ concerns, Bishop Belo and Xanana meet CPD-RDTL’s Aitahan Matak and Cristiano 
April 23 - Bishop Belo calls for a Tribunal
April 22 - East Timor Bishop thanks South Australia for support 
April 12 - Lisbon Aid Chief Brings Help to Muslim Minority

March 28 - Jesuit aid workers: Timor refugees dying of hunger; Bishops appeal to refugees in W Timor to return
March 27 - Bishop Belo: Planned and Democratic Economic Development Needed 
March 26 - Bishop Basilio: People Beginning To be Frustrated With UNTAET

March 15 - Bishop Belo: Do not choose party that destroys Timor
March 13 - Catholic Relief Services' response to East Timor
March 8 - No Rush to Independence, Urges Baucau's Catholic Bishop
March 2 - Bishop Belo: Vote For People Who Understand The Constitution
March 2 - Bishop Basilio: ETTA Must Leave Timor Lorosae In Stages

February 24 - Bishop Belo: Political Parties Must Not Only Think Of Themselves 
February 24 - Timorese bishop calls on UN for "Timorization" of administration
February 22 - Bishop Belo's Letter to President Bush
February 21 - Church Council Reviews Establishment of Third Catholic Diocese
February 21 - Bishop Basilio’s Advice: Be Patient 
February 10 - It’s Best For Refugees To Return To East Timor, Bishop Belo
February 8 - Relations Between Timor Lorosae ­ Indonesia Church No Longer Warm
February 7 - U.S. Lutherans Join Launch of 'Decade to Overcome Violence'
February 6 - “When E. Timorese understand reconciliation” - church leader
February 3 - Bishop Belo Calls For Timor Gap Watch

January 9 - East-West Timor Church Leaders' Communique On Reconciliation Welcomed*
January 6 - Bishops say many East Timorese refugees want to go home
January 4 - Vatican envoy gathers bishops in East Timor for reconciliation talks
January 4 - Connecting nuns in East Timor to the Internet
January 3 - No power, no contract but Sister Rita gets her desks

Spring 2001 - East Timor - A New Country Burdened by the Past - Canadian Churches Call for Justice (Kairos)

December 18 - Gusmao and Bishop Belo on collision course over justice
December 6 - Bishops present Caritas Volunteers with Humanitarian Medals for Service to Timor*
December - Salesian work in East Timor*; Australian Study Fellowship for East Timorese and Samoan Teachers*
November - Churches Call for Justice and Peace in East Timor
November 29 - Women fight an uphill battle
November 8 - Ximenes Belo Nobel Peace Foundation Established in Lisbon
November 4 - CWS Delays Reopening West Timor Program*

October 4 - Carlos Ximenes Belo: Terror in West Timor (Op-ed)
September 25- Joint letter by TAPOL, CAFOD, CIIR and Down to Earth to Clare Short (UK Development Minister)
September 21 - Florida Catholic: A conversation amid last year’s violence haunted one UN observer; East Timor slowly rises from the ashes; Maliana Priest's Calls for Forgiveness, Justice; The Widows of Maliana
September 19 - East Timor's Bishop Belo visits Hiroshima
September 16 - Catholic leader urges removal from W. Timor of pro-Indonesia militia
September 15 - E. Timor independence next year too early: Belo 
September 13 - Catholic aid agencies warn of starvation in West Timor
September 12 - Four men to go on trial in East Timor for 'witch' murder
September 11 - Church commemorates those who died in East Timor's violence 
September 8 - First independence anniversary: "forgive Indonesia" urges Bishop Belo; Dili's Muslims
September 7 - Catholic Relief Services denounces killings in West Timor 
September 5 - Bishop Belo says 2001 too early for independence
September 1 - UN force seeks church help in reintegrating E. Timor militias
September 1 - Bishop says Timorese should honor those who died for independence
September - A friend's reflection...(portrait of Sr. Chat, Maryknoll)*

August 23 - Catholic Relief Services will continue work in West Timor despite U.N. request 
August 23 - Pro-Jakarta militiamen harass Timorese: Bishop Belo 
August 22 - A House of Worship for Many Nations in East Timor Hosana Protestant Church in Dili
July 29 - Church in Atambua to open reconciliation dialogue
July 22 - Disciples of Christ: Resolution on East Timor 
July 5 - CNS: Timorese bishop deplores rights violations that hurt services 
July 3 -  Bishop Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo in Rome: ``The protection of human rights is critical to the health, well-being and survival of people.''
June 16 - Catholics burn Protestant churches in E. Timor 
June 12 - Pope urges justice for refugees
June - Appeal to Catholic Colleges and Universities in the United States from 1996 Nobel Peace Prize co-Laureate José Ramos-Horta
May 25 - U.N. condemns attacks on East Timorese Muslim minority
May 20 - Bishop Basilio do Nascimento to Receive Tanenbaum Center for Interreligious Understanding Award
May 16 - CNS: The Church in western Timor reports ongoing refugee intimidation
May 12 - Timorese bishop visits Lisbon mosque
April 20 - Brazil Bishops offer aid
April - Observations From East Timor Rev. Max Surjadinata on the current scene, plus a brief history of the Protestant Church in East Timor

March 30 - Bishop Belo: To rebuild, East Timor needs help
March - Salesians in East Timor*

February 11- Independence heroes thank Philippine Church for support*
January 17 - Bishop Belo rejects Indon military probe
January 7 - Timor's Belo critical of UN on refugees 
January 4 - Church must quit politics says Timorese bishop Nascimento
2000- A Jewish Perspective on East Timor*, Shepard Forman

1994 - July 1999