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1999, 1998, 1997, 1996 and before


International Fides Service (Vatican News Service) stories for 1999*

25 - East Timor's Belo urges forgiveness in Christmas message
14- BURNTOUT? No! Burnt Out in East Timor! (Maryknoll Sisters)*
13- Muslims in East Timor reduced from 80,000 to 200
9 - East Timor's Muslim minority assured of safe haven
December -Maryknoll Sisters, accompanying East Timorese refugees in Australia*

27 - Weeping mourners pack Dili cathedral for funeral of martyred priests
15 - Filipino priest continues the work of "martyrs" in E Timorese town; Timor's Belo says rights probe too late; World Council of Churches Round Table Meeting with Church from Indonesia and East Timor*
13 - Forgive and look to the future, Belo urges mourners

31 - Belo appeals for militia to return to E Timor  
28 - Belo demands Wiranto be tried for East Timor atrocities 
26 - Belo blesses Suai survivors amid evidence of more atrocities
11- Bishop Belo preaches gospel of "justice before forgiveness"
6 - Bishop Belo: the man who dared to say no to Suharto; Bishop Belo returns to vision "worse than hell"

28 - NCC: East Timorese Church Leader Calls For Safe Repatriation Of Refugees, International Tribunal To Bring Killers To Justice*
25 - Bishop in western Timor urges U.N. mandate for all of Timor  
24 - Jewish Bulletin of Northern California: Area Jewish Community Relations Council  lobbies Clinton to cut ties to Indonesia* Also: JCRC Statement*
23 - U.S. nun who hid parents of independence leader says of militia: "Thank God they're lousy shots"; World Alliance of Reformed Churches writes to Indonesian*
23- 'New York Will Pray' Cardinal phones nuns in East Timor making pledge of support in crisis
21 - Bishop Belo urges UN intervention in W Timor
20 - CNS: Priests, nuns discovered alive
19 - American Jewish Committee Condemns Violence In East Timor, Supports International Peacekeeping Force.
17- "Stop the killing!" the Pope urges intervention and Churches offers solidarity*
16 - Letter to the President Regarding East Timor from Union of American Hebrew Congregations and the Central Conference of American Rabbis*; NCC: The Rev. Larry D. Tankersley, Southern Asia Expert, Dies*

15- Statement On East Timor by the Central Commission of the Australian Catholic Bishops' Conference*
14 - Presiding Bishop's Statement on East Timor (U.S. Episcopal Church); Association of Major Religious Superiors in the Philippines: Letters to Kofi Annan & Fellow Filipinos*
13 - UA 15/99 Rev Francisco de Vasconcelos Ximenes confirmed killed; Rep. McGovern, remembering Frs. Madeira and Soares, calls for rebuilding of East Timor; World Alliance of Reformed Churches writes to Kofi Annan*
12 - Jesuit priest who refused to leave refugees murdered in E Timor
10 - Systematic extermination of priests and nuns; Bishop Belo accuses Indonesia of genocide in E.Timor
9 - Pope's Letter to East Timor's Bishops*; Priests and nuns the latest victims of pro-Jakarta militias; Nun haunted by terror she witnessed in Dili; Executive Council of Australian Jewry Statement*
8 - CNS: Vatican official joins calls for peacekeeping force in East Timor; Intervention or "We are all going to die" Timorese bishops; Timorese massacred in a church; "Ethnic cleansing will empty E. Timor if no aid comes" Bishop Belo; East Timor - A Call to Prayer and Action (A Statement from the Australian Bishops’ Committee for Justice, Development and Peace)* ; NCC Executive Board Appeals to President Clinton, United Nations to Maintain Presence, End Atrocities in East Timor*
7 - UKCatholic Bishops - Injustice that Cries out for Action
4 - Looking back and forward to the future in East Timor:
Letter from the Maryknoll Sisters' Community in
Darwin, Australia*
3 - Local Jesuit says there is a military manoeuvre to undermine stability*; Letter from World Council of Churches general secretary to UN secretary-general*
2 - NCC Concerned About Ongoing Insecurity in East Timor, Asks U.S. to Press Indonesian Government to Stop the Violence*

28 - Australian: Church on a tightrope of neutrality in East Timor 
25- CNS: E. Timorese bishop threatened by pro-Indonesia militias; World Alliance of Reformed Churches writes to Kofi Annan*
24 - NY Times Op-Ed by Bishop Bello: A Day of Reckoning in East Timor
23 - Bishop Belo threatened by pro-Indonesia militias
17- CAFOD urges UK Govt to press for TNI withdrawal from Timor
14 - Bishop Belo urges Megawati to respect E.Timor vote
2- Bishop Belo registers for East Timor direct ballot; Belo calls on East Timorese to register for UN-held ballot 
1- CNS: Official denies E. Timor church charging improper voter fees; CNS: Irish bishop says Indonesian loans should be tied to human rights 

July - US Catholic Conference Alert on Congressional Letter
July 24 - CNS: Violence may delay E. Timor ballot, says visiting U.S. bishop; Timorese want independence: Belo
July 19 - CNS: East Timor bishop urges U.S. Catholics not to forget poor
July 16 - Bishop Belo allowed to leave Indonesia for U.S.
July 13 - Church group counts over 85,000 displaced Timorese
July 11 - Irish Bishop returns from E Timor "Today no one is safe in East Timor."
June 23- July 1- Women to Women: A solidarity visit to Indonesia and East Timor* (National Council of Churches and Christian Conference of Asia)
June 19 - Prelate urges international action for peaceful East Timor vote
June 18 - National Catholic Reporter interview with Bishop Belo*
June 16 - Letter of solidarity to Bishop Belo and Bishop Nascimento of East Timor from the bishops of Japan
June 11- 20: WCC Staff Visit to East Timor*
June 10 - Statement on East Timor by Archbishop McCarrick, Chairman U.S. Catholic Conference (Committee On International Policy) Also: Prelate urges international action for peaceful East Timor vote
June 4 - Reviews of From the Place of the Dead : The Epic Struggles of Bishop Belo of East Timor, Arnold Cohen
June 2 - CNS: Belo urges postponement of independence vote

May - Congregation Advocates for East Timor San Francisco's First St. John's United Methodist Church
May 26 - Belo denies church wanted new ballot date 
May 25 - SMH: Timor cry for help as UN flies in, Bishop Nascimento
May 22 - Catholic church in East Timor to be neutral in August vote: report

May 21 - Caritas forced to close. Bishop Belo says lay down arms
May 20 - East Timorese appeal to NY's Cardinal O'Connor
May 15 - East Timorese factions to resume church-mediated dialogue in Australia; Belo: 'Pro-Indon militia given drugs, wine and money' 
May 14 - Priests and nuns march in Dili in bid to resume peace
May 13 - A message from a nun in East Timor
May 12 - Nobel laureate presides over peace service in Dili
May 10 - Christian Conference of Asia issued a call to prayer for Asia*
May 7 - Catholic health-care and education continues despite violence*
May 1 - National Council of Churches Asks for Intervention in East Timor; Bishop says Indonesian secret services back militias 

April 29 - Catholic church fears slaughter of East Timor priests and nuns
April 28 - Bishop Belo says Indonesian secret services back militias
April 24 - Belo seeks proper burial for Saturday's dead
April 22 - CNS: Massachusetts Catholic students adopt East Timor cause 
April 21 - US Catholic Bishops write Pentagon; U.S. National Council of Churches urgent message Secretary of State Madeleine Albright and Secretary General Kofi Annan
April 17- East Timor bishop urges end to violence ; Attack on Bishop Belo's Convoy
April 16 - Bishop Belo calls for UN troops to save peace:
Interview by FIDES
April 10 - East Timor must not be new Kosovo, says Bishop Belo 
April 9 - Australian nun's challenge to Foreign Minister: Act now to stop Timor bloodshed
April 7 - Bishop Belo says more than 25 killed in church massacre; Belo backs popular insurrection after 25 massacred; Father Rafael on Liquica killings 

March 20 - Portuguese envoy pays visit to East Timor's Roman Catholic bishops; Nobel laureate Belo urges UN mission for E Timor
March 18 - Pro-Indonesia militia lift siege of Catholic mission
March 16 - Pro-Indonesia Militia surrounds convent, threatens to kill nuns
March 13: Interview with Belo 
March 3 - Open Letter from the Carmelite Community of Maubara "Considering that our place has become a refuge, we are worried that we will be accused of harboring people..."

February 25 - Belo urges ET disarmament; Archbishop Belo lives on borrowed time 
February 24 - Bishop Belo's Reconciliation Speech February 20 - Belo warns against rushing independence; Belo seeks Australian help 
February 12 - U.S. Churches call for UN monitors, disarming of civilians in East Timor 
February 8 - Bishop Belo calls for UN Presence
February 4 - E. Timor Bishop Seeks Independence 
January 27 - Belo welcomes autonomy offer, but calls for referendum 
January 26 - Belo confirms arming of civilians 
January 20 - Belo moves to foster Muslim-Christian Brotherhood 

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December 27 -East Timor bishop reluctant to meet Habibie
December 23 - Australian Jews Support Self-Determination for East Timor*
December 17 - Bishop asks East Timorese to halt protests during holiday season
November - Resolution from the Conference of the Australian, Asian and New Zealand Union for Progressive Judaism
November 12 - Declaration by Australian Religious Leaders
October-November - US, Indonesia & East Timor Carmen Trotta, The Catholic Worker

October 24-25 - Jewish Labor Committee Resolution
October 18 - Belo will not participate in AIETD
October 15 - Belo calls for troop cut
October 13 - Bishop cautions East Timorese demonstrators to stay peaceful: report 

September 21 - Bishop urges Indonesian military to come clean on troop deployment 
September 22 - United Methodist News Service: Support continues for East Timor  
September 14 - Belo calls for setting-up United Front

July 28 - United Methodists push House bills on East Timor
July 18 - Bishop urges calm
July 15 - Belo urges UN visit be delayed
July 3 - Bishop Belo returns with promises from Habibie*
July 2 - CAFOD urges EU to insist on troop withdrawal from East Timor 

June 26 - Church sees Habibie’s proposal only as a transitional possibility*
June 19 - Bishop Belo insists on release of resistance leader Xanana Gusmao
June 16 - Belo says population should wait 10-15 years for referendum 
June 5 - U.S. Catholic Conference: Letters to Bishop Belo and Secretary of State Madeleine Albright
June 2 - Interview with Bishop Belo 
February 20 - Ramos-Horta focus of Lutheran Peace Prize*
February 7 - Bishop Belo says situation is still critical

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December 5 - Statement by Cardinal Hume to Mark the 22nd Anniversary of the Invasion of East Timor*
October 16 - Methodists and East Timor
September 19 - NCC Interview with East Timorese Church Leader Rev. Arlindo Marcal*
September 2 - NCC delegation witnesses struggle in East Timor*

July - Murder in the cathedral - assassination attempt on Bishop Belo (Inside Indonesia)*
July - A Time for Justice (speech by Bishop Belo to CAFOD)
July - Lutheran World Federation Statement on East Timor*
June - Resolution of Central Conference of American Rabbis
June 20 - East Timor Nobel laureate, in S.F., speaks out for Jews, Jewish Bulletin of Northern California*
March 4 - Letter to Congressman Frank R. Wolf from Bishop Theodore E. McCarrick
January 10c - Religion class studies problems, joins protests*

1997- The 1996 Nobel Peace Prize for Carlos Filipe Ximenes Belo and Jose Ramos Horta* (Irwin Abrams)
1997 - Episcopal Church Resolution to "Extend Greetings to Bishop Belo and Jose Ramos-Horta of East Timor"*

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1996 and before

December 10, 1996 - Bishop Belo's Nobel Acceptance Speech; Ramos-Horta on role of church in his Nobel speech

November 15, 1996 - Statement on East Timor (Catholic Bishops of England and Wales)

October 22, 1996 -   Indonesian Government Press Statement attacking award*
October 14, 1996 - Interview With Bishop Belo: They Keep Us Like Slaves"* Der Spiegel
October 11, 1996 - Belo and Ramos-Horta Share 1996 Nobel Peace Prize; ETAN on Nobel Prize

March 1996 - UK Cardinal Etchegaray visits East Timor*

November 1995 - Bishop Belo wins CAFOD award*

December 31, 1994 - Biography of Bishop Belo* by Bishop Hilton Deakin

July 27, 1994 - U.S. Bishops Express Solidarity With East Timor Church  

July 26, 1994 - Statement on East Timor Catholic Bishop Daniel P. Reilly 

July 13, 1994 - East Timor Catholic Church on East Timor Nowadays by Bishop Belo
July 13, 1994 - UCAN: Santa Cruz Incident Prisoners Moved To Java Prior To U.N. Visit*

June 1994 - California- Nevada Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church Resolution

October 12, 1989 - Holy Mass in Tasi-Toli, Dili, Homily of John Paul II*

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