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Jaron Bourke is Legislative Director for Congressman Dennis J. Kucinich, Democrat from Cleveland, Ohio. Jaron oversees the policy direction of the office and handles all economic issues for the Congressman, including international trade and financial institutions. Jaron has been an activist for economic justice and corporate accountability. Prior to joining Congressman Kucinich's staff, he worked for the New York City Council and was an organizer and policy analyst for Ralph Nader.

Daniel McGlinchey is a senior Legislative Assistant for Congressman Barney Frank from the 4th District of Massachusetts. He handles foreign relations, military, trade, and human rights issues for the Congressman, and he is responsible for issues on the Banking Subcommittee on Domestic and International Monetary Policy, which sets policy for the World Bank, the IMF, and other international financial institutions.

Charmain S Mohamed spent one year teaching English in Yogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia, and then went on to earn her BA in Southeast Asian Studies and Language at the University of Hull, England, where she specialized in the contemporary political history of Indonesia. In the summer of 1999, she took part in the International Federation for East Timor Observer Project, and was team leader in her field placement in Manatuto, as well as being in charge of debriefing field teams during the closure of the project in Dili. She is now a volunteer for TAPOL, an England-based Indonesia human rights organization, and is in charge of monitoring the East Timorese refugee crisis in West Timor for them. Charmain is also on the Peace Brigades International and East Timor Project Committee, and is currently participating in a three-person assessment team to Aceh.

Karen Orenstein is the Washington Organizer for the East Timor Action Network (ETAN). Before joining the staff in July 1999, she was an active ETAN member for several years. Prior to her work with ETAN, Karen worked on a civic education program for Eastern and Central Europe, Russia, Mongolia, and Central Asia. From 1996 to 1997, Karen taught English and worked with a women's rights NGO and an indigenous rights organization in Tanzania.

Carolyn Robinson is a freelance television journalist based in Washington, DC, working mostly for CNN and Reuters Television. She has also worked for CNN and other media outlets in London, Hong Kong and Atlanta, handling a wide variety of specialties in the studio and in the field - both live, breaking news coverage as well as feature producing and reporting - for which she has won several journalism awards over the last fifteen years.

Loren Ryter is a graduate student at the University of Washington, currently writing his PhD dissertation on Indonesian political history while living in New York City. He is fluent in Indonesian and has spent a total of two years between 1995-1999 doing field research in Jakarta and Medan, North Sumatra. He was one of the founders of ETAN and established the Providence chapter of ETAN in late 1991 while an undergraduate student at Brown University.

John Sayles is the author of three novels, Pride of the Bimbos, Union Dues, and Los Gusanos. He is the writer and director of a dozen feature films, including Matewan, Lone Star, Men with Guns, and Limbo. He has written the screenplays for several other movies and is currently working on a collection of short stories. He has been nominated for the National Book Award and twice for an Academy Award.

Pamela Sexton traveled to East Timor in April 1999 as part of the exploratory team sent by Peace Brigades International to initiate its project there. After her return to the United States, Pam worked as the U.S. coordinator for the International Federation for East Timor Observer Project (IFET-OP), the largest United Nations-accredited, international observer mission for the recent referendum in East Timor. In August, she returned to East Timor to work as an observer with the IFET Observer Project. Following the vote for independence, Pam spent several weeks traveling in both East and West Timor, where she assessed the situation and laid the groundwork for Grassroots International's Act Now for East Timor Campaign and did assessment work for the Australian group Timor Aid. Pam is a long-time activist with the East Timor Action Network in San Francisco. Prior to her activist work on East Timor, Pam lived and taught in Indonesia for two years.

Lisa Upton is an Australian freelance journalist who works predominantly for the Australian Broadcasting Corporation (radio) and the country's multicultural broadcaster, SBS (television). She has recently returned home after four years overseas. She spent more than two years working in Laos and Hong Kong and then moved onto London where she worked for BBC World Television.

Jeannette Windon is the Director of the Congressional Human Rights Caucus (CHRC) and a Legislative Assistant for Congressman John Edward Porter from the 10th District of Illinois. She is also responsible for international and trade legislative issues for Mr. Porter. Prior to joining Congressman Porter's staff in the fall of 1998, Jeannette was an environmental analyst for a corporate real estate company based in Chicago. Jeannette holds a B.A. in international relations and sociology from Northwestern University and spent a year following college working for an international manufacturing company in Germany.

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