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Congratulations to The Act of Killing on its Oscar Nomination
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“I have not seen a film as powerful, surreal, and frightening in at least a decade. - Werner Herzog

Action ALERT: Watch The Act of Killing on PBS and Take Action on U.S. Support for Mass Violence in Indonesia

Read ETAN's Breaking the Silence: The U.S. and Indonesia's Mass Violence

ETAN projects images from the Oscar-nominated documentary THE ACT OF KILLING on World Bank headquarters

“I urge us all to examine ourselves, and acknowledge that we are all closer to perpetrators than we like to believe. The United Kingdom and United States enthusiastically helped to engineer the genocide, and for decades enthusiastically supported the military dictatorship that came to power through the genocide. We will not have an ethical relationship with Indonesia, or so many countries across the global south going forward, until we acknowledge the crimes of the past, and our collective role in supporting, participating in, and, ultimately, ignoring those crimes.” - Joshua Oppenheimer on accepting the BAFTA for Best Documentary

In 1965-1966, up to a million Indonesians were massacred. Hundreds of thousands more were injured, disappeared, raped and imprisoned without trial. The United States and the United Kingdom secretly welcomed and supported the killings.

Many of the mass murderers are still alive today and have never been brought to justice – on the contrary, the killers are celebrated as heroes. For fifty years the victims have been asking for justice and for the government to Say Sorry for ‘65, but Indonesia denies these crimes even happened.

The new film THE ACT OF KILLING has finally exposed the staggering reality of Indonesia’s holocaust, and given the victims the chance they dream of – take action now to support their call for President SBY to Say Sorry for '65.

Say Sorry for ’65 is campaign initiated by Tapol and supported by the East Timor and Indonesia Action Network (ETAN).

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1.Join the call for Indonesia President SBY
to Say Sorry for 65
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Support the campaign for justice
for the survivors and victims


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Going to a showing of The Act of Killing?
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5.Learn more about about the killings and
the documentary
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