February 2003 

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Late February

February 4 - 9
Yogyakarta-educated priest becomes Timor's first ambassador to RI
Indonesian govt. seeks ambassador candidates for East Timor
ET To Become Full Member Of Non-Aligned Movement
East Timor- Portugal Telecom rushing to meet March 1 launch deadline

Timor Sea Treaty could be delayed
Militia leader among those charged by Serious Crimes Unit  over 1999 atrocities
UN Indicts 15 Indonesia Soldiers For E Timor War Crimes
Major Indictment charges 4 TNI Officers and Tavares

Former ET Refugees to Rehab Forests
Australia wants Sunrise IUA before ratifying Timor Sea Treaty
Timor oil hearing ruled out by court

Dancing with the Devil- A Personal Account of Policing ET's Vote
Latest arrest no surprise, says father of murdered soldier
The Riot of 4 December 2002- Who Is To Blame?

Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring, Dili, 07 February 2003
Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring, Dili, 06 February 2003
Timor-Leste Local Media Monitoring, Dili, 05 February 2003
Local Media Monitoring, Dili, 04 February 2003
Timor-Lester Local Media Monitoring, Dili, 03 February 2003

February 1 - 3
Pair held after parading Jesus and Mary
Indonesia Ex-Militiaman Arrested In Death Of E. Timor NZ Peacekeeper
Ireland's Diplomatic Ties w/ ET

Late February
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