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East Timor Background 


East Timor and U.S. Policy

ETAN: Backgrounder for East Timor's May 20 Independence Day, also in PDF (May 2002)

Background on East Timor and U.S. Policy (May 2000)
U.S. Policy Toward East Timor through 11/97 (detailed)
October 1998 version of Background on East Timor and U.S. Policy

Timorese Skeleton's in Holbrooke's Closet
West's Hands Dirty in E Timor By Matthew Jardine
East Timor: an inconsistent case of U.S. policy Minneapolis Star Tribune, June 6, 1999

Congressional Hearing on the Humanitarian Crisis in East Timor; Washington, DC, September 30, 1999 with Xanana Gusmao and Jose Ramos-Horta; and Allan Nairn [journalist], Arnold Kohen [author], T Kumar [Amnesty International] and Emilia Pires [CNRT]

The Leahy Law

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   East Timor

Estafeta: East Timor hits potholes on the road to independence (Winter 2007)

Time in Dili:


East Timor's Constitution

East Timor Maps
East Timor and Indonesia Abbreviations, Terms and Important Names

East Timor's Flag
National Anthem
Legend of East Timor: The Crocodile Story

Santa Cruz Massacre
Allan Nairn Witnessed Dili Massacre
1996 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to two East Timorese

Timor Votes in 2007: Solidarity Observer Mission for East Timor (SOMET)

Articles and reports published in English about East Timor -- beginning with the November 1991 Santa Cruz massacre  to April 30, 1996 -- were published by ETAN in 43 weekly and monthly volumes of about 100 pages each. They include the substantive material that circulated over the reg.easttimor email-list and more. These volumes are in PDF format and available here.

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