Early February 2000
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February 1 - 12

February 1 - 6
Final paragraphs and Recommendations of KPP HAM's Report
Going After Indonesia's Generals
Indon Generals Reject Findings, Considering Lawsuit
Indonesia's Men of Shame- The bloody Puppeteers
JP on findings of E Timor probe, responses by Wahid & others
op-ed- West's Hands Dirty in E Timor
Retroactive Principle in Rights Law Still Possible- Minister
Interview With President Wahid in London
Looking for Relief in East Timor

Pro-integrationists form single organization
Troops swap hats as UN peacekeeping operation takes command
UN Scorn at Jakarta Justice for Timor
Will Wahid Tackle Timor's Terrorists?
"600,000 witnesses ready to testify at tribunal" -Ramos Horta
E. Timor leadership plans congress on strategic issues
E. Timor findings 'must go to trial'
Timorese Praise the Australians
Timor seeks investment to tackle unemployment woes
Indonesia "dangerous'' as general hangs on

Old guard guerrillas give way to new generation
UN-Led Team Digs Up Remains Of 32 People In East Timor
Rebuild East Timor Now or Risk Chaos
All the Help A New Nation Can Get
Interview with Kofi Annan on East Timor
I trust Wiranto, will forgive him- Gus Dur

February 7 - 12
Fear for Future Keeps Refugees in Squalid Exile
ETimor council member resigns over arrival of army plane
Hall letter supporting international tribunal
Indon Army 'Supervised' Timor Killing Frenzy
Jordanian peacekeepers defend reputation
Portuguese TV crew detained in West Timor
UN recruits former Indonesian police as advisors in East Timor
"Misunderstandings" with E Timor leaders cleared up
Portuguese Magnate To Purchase Stake in E.Timor Coffee
Quitting Will Prove I'm Guilty- Wiranto

Armed Wing of E Timor Struggle Must Now Win the Peace
Exiled E. Timorese Militia Sells Arms to Ambon Fighters
Jakarta Must Hold Trials to Avoid International Tribunal- Ramos-Horta
Jobs snapped up in E Timor road project
U.S. Outlines Major Challenges Facing E. Timor
Aussie Police Outrage at Training for Jakarta
Cosgrove praises arrest of massacre suspect
East Timor police to be armed in wake of attacks
Gen Try warns Indonesians- Stop criticising military, or else
Making Up for the Timidity of the Past

NGO activists complain of slow pace of aid programme in East Timor
E Timor, UN Leaders Discuss Timor Gap Oil, Gas Revenues
Indonesia weapons procurement to be shifted away from U.S.
Jakarta's new role recalls old terror
Philippines to help with reconstruction
Soares Sanctioned Murder- Militia Chief
UN chief urges 'credible' Indonesian trial against Timor criminals
Commanders have to be answerable for atrocities
Long arm of the law badly overextended
Portuguese Prez in Dili
Wiranto Comes Out Swinging

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