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August 2001
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Other August News 

East Timor Votes: Election News

ETAN: East Timor Holds First Free Elections August 30

Joy, mixed with fear of the unknown
East Timor's second election test on Sept 5
Dili Residents Take Part in Post-Election Street Cleaning
Pro-integration militias reject polls as plot to form puppet state
Ballot Count Begins in East Timor

Observer Reports
IFET: Elections in the Context of Nation-building
Yayasan HAK: Elections in the Context of Nation-building
JSMP: Election observation report from Becora Prison (PDF)
ANFREL: Observation Mission Statement
Domestic Electoral Monitoring Organization Joint Statement

UNDP Observer Reports page
European Union Election Observation Mission
Carter Center Election Observation

World praise for East Timor's peaceful poll

Blood and Ballots in East Timor [+Interview w/ Gusmao]
Poll tests new nation's credibility
Portugal Praises 'Peaceful and Orderly' East Timorese Elections
A fair and free election
E. Timor Moves Toward Independence
Dili's new dawn

Election Links

UNTAET Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) (English, Tetun, Portuguese, Bahasa Indonesia)
Asia Foundation East Timor Election Website (English, Bahasa Indonesia)
UNDP ET Electoral Assistance Project (English)

CIDADAUN (special election publication of Yayasan Hak
CIIR: Where are East Timor's women?
Oxfam calls on the Constituent Assembly to listen to the people

Elections mark new step toward independence
UN administrator appeals for vigilance ahead of Timor poll
Run to regain the top job turns election into a two-horse race

East Timorese prepare for election
Elections Neither Free nor Democratic, says UDT Leader
PSD Leader Hopes for 30 to 40 Percent of Vote, Criticizes Fretilin
Fretilin expects to win more than 60 seats
East Timor's hero rises to the challenge
Checkpoint closed ahead of East Timor elections
With song, poems and soccer, Timorese learn about democracy
The Little Country That Wants to

The painful birth of East Timor
Problems in east timorese participating in the elections
UN administrator for East Timor plans broad-based government
Party 'threatening post-poll retaliation'
E Timor Leader Moniz- Refugees To Return On Peaceful Poll

Bishop Belo's Pastoral letter
East Timor's Bishop Belo appeals for free, fair elections

Watchdogs accuse East Timor parties of isolated intimidation
Alkatiri Accuses Election Panel of 'Intellectual Dishonesty'
The Participation of the People in the Elections (STL editorial
Fretilin confident that voters will remember who led the struggle
Timor Election Campaign Praised by Carter Center
10,000 Signatures Back Women's Rights Charter in Constitution
With Past Violence in Mind, Wary E. Timor Prepares to Vote  
After 26 years, Timorese about to begin life again

Voters Prepared for Peaceful Election - Observers

Suara Timor Lorosae on Election Violence headlines-17Aug2001
UN chief sends out no-violence warning to political parties Veterans of resistance struggle sniff election victory
UN faces challenge to prepare E Timor for democracy
Socialists build support in East Timor
East Timor exile returns for votes
Electorate Totals More than 400,000 - Dili Official
Timorese Troops Join UN Peacekeepers for Election Security
Campaign Debate for Female Candidates
Aid workers wary of refugee camps
Timor Journalists Adopt Code of Conduct for Elections Fairness Sought in Reporting
Electorate Totals More than 400,000 - Dili Official

Early August
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