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Women and East Timor

Basic Background

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JSMP: Women's Justice Unit
La'o Hamutuk Gender index
Alola Foundation
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Photo: International Day of Violence against Women on 25 November 1998 women's protest in Dili. Sign says "STOP Murder!" Photo by Jude Conway


Step by Step: Women of East Timor, Stories of Resistance and Survival  (July 28)

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Small Arms Survey: Sexual and gender-based violence in Timor-Leste Issue Brief No. 5

The Activity Report of Victim Support Service (VSS) on Legal Assistance to the Victims  of  Gender Base Violence* (August)

Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination against Women (CEDAW) Review of Timor-Leste East Timor Women  (July 2009)

Rede Feto (Women's Network) Presentation in the Timor Leste Donors Meeting (March)

Women for Peace Conference  Dili Timor-Leste

Abortion Debate

UN: Women make a difference in politics
(June 2009)




National East Timor Women Congress 2008: Plan of Actions East Timor Women 2008 - 2012 (June)

AusAid: violence against women in melanesia and east timor: Building on Global and regional promising approaches 2008*

Church weighs into abortion debate in Catholic East Timor (October 23)

East Timor's Dire Family Planning Needs (October 2)

NGO takes on women's rights (September 26)
UN: Timor-Leste joins UN campaign to end violence against women* (September 10)

Progressio: Faithful Peace, Peaceful Faith* (July)

Timor-Leste Women's Congress Platform of Action (June)

Petition on the Japanese Military's Sexual Slavery System in Timor-Leste (Feb. 2008)


ETAN Backgrounder: Sexual Violence Against East Timorese Women During the Japanese Occupation (July)

Mapping the Pursuit of Gender Equality* (July)

Asia Foundation: Women’s Empowerment Program* (July)

Women's Political Platform of Women¹s Organizations in Political Parties for the Parliamentary Elections 2007

Peacewomen: Women's Involvement in Timor-Leste's Presidential Elections (May)

A Gender Perspective Audit of the Second Round of the 2007 Presidential Elections of Timor-Leste (May)

A Gender Perspective Audit of Timor Leste’s Presidential Elections of 2007 (Round 1) (April)


Sex slave exhibition exposes darkness in East Timor (December 23)

UN- transcript of Maria Dias, President of Rede Feto on Women and peace and security (October 26)

Letter to Ian Martin from Rede Feto (Women's Network) Timor Leste (July 7)
OPMT's response to Kirsty Sword Gusmao; Kirsty Sword Gusmao: Women suffering in silence (July)
In Timor-Leste Camps, UNFPA Helps Pregnant Women Deliver Their Babies Safely* (June 8)
Gusmao Makes Emotional Appeal for Unity; Women Protest for Peace (June 1)

Fears for pregnant women amid crisis in East Timor (July 3)
ICTJ: Gender and Reparations in Timor-Leste (April)

Progressio - East Timor: women of faith join together in solidarity (March 21)

JSMP: The Participation of Women in the Justice System of Timor Leste (March 6)
JSMP: The Law of Gender-Based Violence in Timor-Leste April – November 2005

Internews: Training for Timorese Women Journalists Aims to Expand Women’s Civic Role (February 3)
Rape a Weapon of War in Timor Occupation (January 30)

Final Report of the Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation in East Timor (CAVR) chapter on Sexual Violence; chapter Graphs; Full Report


Progressio: Independent women: The story of women’s activism in East Timor,* by Irena Cristalis and Catherine Scott (PDF e-book) (2005)

The Fight Against Domestic Violence In East Timor: Forgetting The Perpetrators by Hanne Hovde Bye (Masters Thesis)* (December)

From Development Studies Network - December 2005*

UN: Gender Mainstreaming in Peacekeeping Progress Report (November)
UNIFEM and ADB: Gender and Nation Building in Timor-Leste*
JSMP: The Participation of Women in the Justice System of Timor Leste (Nov 3)

Women in East Timor conference* (September)

Women's Day 2005 - East Timor (March)
Timor-Leste Statement to Commission on the Status of  Women 2005 (March 7)
AP: Justice campaign launched for "comfort women" (Feb 27)
JSMP: Report "Statistics on Cases of Violence Against Women in Timor Leste" (February)
JSMP: Report examines police treatment of women in Timor Leste* (January)


Alola: Trafficking in East Timor: A Look into the Newest Nation’s Sex Industry
UN: Judicial reform needed for women in post-conflict areas
The involvement of men in solving gender issues in Timor Lorosa'e*

UN: Day-long Security Council debate on issue of Women, Peace, Security; Problems of oppression, exploitation stressed (Oct 28)
UNIFEM: Peace Needs Women and Women Need Justice: Conference on Gender Justice in Post-Conflict Situations* (September)
Women Are Vital To Resolving Armed Conflicts And Rebuilding Peace*  (Sept 17)
Gender Assessment for USAID/Timor-Leste Country Strategy Plan FY 2004-2009* (August)
CIIR: Second All East Timorese Women's National Congress* (August 10)
JSMP Report: Access to Justice for Women Victims [English, Bahasa]* (July)
JSMP: An Analysis a Sexual Assult Decision from Dili District Court (July 2004)

Kirsty Sword Gusmao on UN SC Resolution 1325 on women and peace* (April 20)
JSMP: Women's Access to Justice*, Press Release  (April)
CIIR calls on UN to ensure justice for women* (March 22)

Women Peace-builders Continue Their Struggle For Peace & Non Violence* (Jan 27)
First International Women’s Peacebuilding Conference in Timor-Leste* (Jan 22)
A Cruel History for East-Timorese Women (Jan 19)

Enhancing women's participation in electoral processes in post conflict countries: Experiences form East Timor,* by Milena Pires (January)

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UN: Are Women Included or Excluded in Post-Conflict Reconstruction: A Case Study from Timor-Leste,* by Emily Roynestad (November)
UN: Peace Agreements as a Means for Promoting Gender Equality and Ensuring Participation of Women,* Prepared by Christine Chinkin (2003)
Draft Legislation of Domestic Violence of Democratic Republic of Timor Leste*  

CIIR: East Timor: Women's groups boost economy in villages* (Nov 11)
UNIFEM: Engendering Statistics for Nation Building in East Timor* (Nov 6)
UNMISET: The Special Needs of Women and Children in Conflict*; Evaluation Report* (October 2003)

Xanana- at book launch of Women, War, Peace (August 6)
Women of Timor enlist aid of Oxfam (August 3)
Perpetrators of rape must be brought to justice, CIIR staff tells UN* (July 29)
UNMISET Rejects Charge It Failed to Probe Trafficking* (July 3)
UN probes flesh trade in East Timor (July 2)
East Timor women must tell of atrocities by Indonesians (June 9 & 10)

Women and Conflict National Public Hearing* (April)
CIIR: Speaks at Truth and Reconciliation Commission*
Truth Commission to hold Women in Conflict hearing* (April 23)
SCU: New Indictment Charges 5 TNI Soldiers with Rape* (April 10)

UNICEF: From despair to care: Countering domestic abuse* (January 27)


East Timorese recalls wartime sex-slave experience (December 14)
2 ex-E. Timor sex slaves break silence at NGO tribunal (December 10)

De Mello on Women in Timor (December 6)
Policy Paper for the Draft Law on Domestic Violence (November)
East Timor Women's Network demands Justice (August 25)
Widows' group demands international tribunal (August 24)
Women Worldwide Call For an International Tribunal For East Timor: Officials, Scholars And Activists Say Justice For Crimes Against Timorese Women Needed Now (May 13)
CIIR: Hope in hard times: Women's struggle for justice in East Timor (May)
The Women of East Timor* (May 2002)
More women die in childbirth in East Timor than anywhere in East Asia (March 8)
Sex slave protests confront Japanese army (March 5)
ETAN's UN Press Conference with Filomena Barros dos Reis 


Gender & Constitution Working Group (December)
East Timorese woman addresses UN Security Council; UN: Women & Peacekeeping (October 30)
ETese NGOs write to Japanese PM (September 3)
CIIR: Women win one in four seats in East Timorese elections
CIIR: Listen to East Timor's women — Press release (September)
Women's Power for East Timor* (July/August 2001)
BBC: Women in East Timor, links to radio broadcast in RealAudio (August 7)
Small Arms and East Timor: Impact on Women in Militia-Controlled Camps (July 17)

UN: Women and Human Rights report - Timor sections
East Timor's children of the enemy (March 10)
ETAN: Letter to UN on Women and Upcoming East Timor Elections (March 1)
UN: Women and Human Rights report - Timor sections (January)


ETAN: Ajiza Magno Discusses the Next Phase of Struggle (Fall 2000)
Women's Network statement to Brussels donor conference (December 2000)
Two ex-E. Timor sex slaves break silence at NGO tribunal (December 10)
Scars of vote violence remain real for many East Timor women (November 19)
The Role of Women in Maintaining International Peace & Security, Statement by Rede: Feto: Timor Lorosae a network of East Timorese women and women's organization to UN (October 24)
Women Refugees Held as Sex Slaves by Militia Thugs (August 28)
CIIR: Petition to UN Decolonization Committee (July)
Women ask for bigger role in E. Timor peace-building (June 14)

The UN Transitional Administration in East Timor: Gender affairs Sherrill Whittington*


Raping the Future: The Indonesian government's social policy toward East Timor has included the systematic violation of sexual and reproductive rights of East Timorese women. (August)
Timor's women of independence (August 7)
The Abuse of East Timorese Women (August 1)
Women's struggle in East Timor: an eyewitness report (July 10)
Women Targeted in Timor; E.Timor rape victims too afraid to give evidence (April 2)

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Prior to 1999

Alas Women's Testimony (December 1998)
FOKUPERS: Women Seminar Dili  (November 25, 1998)
Report on First Dili Women's Conference (November 23, 1998)
FRETILIN: Organizacao da Mulher Timor (OMT) (September 1998)
Concluding Observations of the Committee on the Elimination of Discrimination Against Women (CEDAW): Indonesia. Includes comments and observations on Timor-Leste* (May 14, 1998)

A message to the Beijing Conference from the East Timorese Women From Lafai Lighur of the Clandestine Resistance* (September 6, 1995)

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