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U.S.-Indonesia Military Assistance

U.S. and Indonesian soldiers train in counterinsurgency.
CAMP KARANG TEKOK, Indonesia - A U.S. soldier is relieved by an Indonesian Marine during counterinsurgency training in March 2008. The bilateral field training exercise between Marines and Sailors from the 31st Marine Expeditionary Unit and the Indonesian Marines was designed to increase interoperability and enhance military to military relationships. (Photo by Staff Sgt. Marc Ayalin)

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The Commission recommends that:
1.10. States regulate military sales and cooperation with Indonesia more effectively and make such support totally conditional on progress towards full democratisation, the subordination of the military to the rule of law and civilian government, and strict adherence with international human rights, including respect for the right of self-determination.
--Part 11: Recommendations,
Final Report of the Commission for Reception, Truth and Reconciliation in East Timor (CAVR)

Indonesia has made little progress in reining in the military since President Suharto stepped down from power in May 1998. There is still no accountability for serious rights violations. -- Andreas Harsono, journalist and human rights activist, February 18, 2009

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ETAN condemns Indonesian military murder in West Papua, Urges suspension of U.S. security assistance (November 9)

ETAN condemns visa to Indonesia's Defense Minister Prabowo, calls him a "serial rights violator" not worthy of U.S. visit (October 12)

ETAN BACKGROUNDER: Prabowo Subianto (October 12)

TAPOL and ETAN Letter to UK and US Ambassadors to UN on Anniversary of 30 September Movement (September 30)


ETAN: Timor-Leste Honors President Bill Clinton: Setting the Record Straight (August 30)
U.S. National Security Archives: U.S. sought to preserve close ties to Indonesian military as it terrorized
East Timor in run-up to 1999 independence referendum

More than 100 Organizations Urge Congress to Reject Proposal to Weaken Gun Export Controls (May 13)


Reflections 41 years after Invasion Day, December 7 (December 7)

Journalist Allan Nairn on justice, Indonesia, Guatemala, Timor, West Papua2015

Stopping the Killers From Killing: An Interview With Allan Nairn on Justice, Indonesia, West Papua, Timor-Leste, and Guatemala (January 8)


ETAN Statement on 2014 Indonesian Election (July 10)

Prabowo, Part 3: The NSA, Militia Terror, Aceh, Servants, and "Slaves" (July 7)

Prabowo, Part 2: "I was the Americans' fair-haired boy." The Nationalist General and the United States by Allan Nairn

Prabowo, Bagian 2: “Saya anak kesayangan Amerika.” Sang Jenderal Nasionalis dan Amerika Serikat. (July 1)


Indonesia and the School of the Americas (November 15)

ETAN Urges President Obama to Put Human Rights at Center of U.S.-Indonesia Relations During Upcoming Visit to Indonesia (October 3)
West Papua Advocacy Team Open Letter to President Obama (October 3)

Groups Condemn Sale of Deadly Attack Helicopters to Indonesia (August 26)
IPS: U.S. Sells Attack Helicopters to Indonesia amid Rights Concerns (August 26)

West Papua Report: Implications of the "Asia Pivot" for U.S. Policy on Indonesia by Ed McWilliams (September)

Groups Condemn Sale of Deadly Attack Helicopters to Indonesia (August 26)
IPS: U.S. Sells Attack Helicopters to Indonesia amid Rights Concerns (August 26)
WBEZ Worldview:
Audio: United States to sell attack helicopters to Indonesia, interview with Ed McWilliams (September 9)

ETAN/West Papua Advocacy Team: Nine Questions for Sen. John Kerry, nominee for Secretary of State, on Indonesia, Timor-Leste and West Papua (January 22)


Groups Urge U.S. Not to Sell Attack Helicopters to Indonesia (March 30)

Pulling together: Solidarity Work and western aid to the Indonesian police and military. A view from Aotearoa/New Zealand (February 27)


ETAN Urges Secretary Clinton to Condition Security Assistance to Indonesia on Rights (July 20)


Statement of East Timor and Indonesia Action Network on President Obama's Visit to Indonesia (November 5)

West Papua Advocacy Team: Open Letter to President Obama on The Eve of His Visit to Indonesia (November 4)

ETAN/WPAT: Suspend Training and Funding of Indonesian Police Unit Detachment 88 (September 29)

ETAN Condemns U.S. Plan to Get Back in Bed with Indonesia's Kopassus Killers (July 22)
WPAT: Statement Regarding the U.S. Government's Decision to Resume Cooperation with Indonesian Special Forces (Kopassus) (July 22)
Secretary of Defence Gates Goes to Jakarta Bearing Kopassus Gift (July 22)

Kristin Sundell: U.S. Must Not Resume Training Indonesia’s Killers (May 5)

ETAN:: U.S. Training of Kopassus: A Bad Idea Whose Time Has Not Come (March 4)

Ed McWilliams: U.S. must back human rights, not the army, in Indonesia (April 11)

Allan Nairn: Washington's Indonesian Bully Boys (March 22)

ETAN: Open Letter to President Barack Obama on His 2010 Visit to Indonesia (March 18)

Four Jakarta NGOs Reject the Plan to Train Kopassus (March 18)

Imparsial: Statement towards the visit of The United States of America's President Barack Obama (March 11)

ETAN: U.S. Training of Kopassus: A Bad Idea Whose Time Has Not Come (March 4)

ETAN To Obama Administration: U.S. military assistance will harm reform and set back human rights (February 27)

Indonesian General Sjafrie Sjamsuddin Not Fit for Civilian Defense Post (January 9)


ETAN/WPAT: Letter to Michael H. Posner, Assistant Secretary of State for Democracy, Human Rights, and Labor (October 13)

U.S. Groups Oppose Training of Indonesia's Notorious Kopassus Special Forces (July 23)

ETAN/Kontras: Joint Statement on Accountability in the Run-up to the Indonesian Presidential Elections; Pernyataan bersama tentang akuntabilitas dalam pemilihan presiden Indonesia (July 2)

Indonesia's SBY Implicated in Cover Up of Ambush Murder of U.S. Citizens (July 1)

U.S. Military Restrictions and Indonesian Military Plane Crash (May 20)

Inside Indonesia - Obama’s Indonesia question: Will the US president continue unrestricted aid to Indonesia’s military? (March)

Indonesia Policy: Avoiding Past Mistakes - Ed McWilliams (March 11)

Groups Write Secretary of State Clinton on Eve of Her Visit to Indonesia (also Bahasa Indonesia) (February 17)

Ed McWilliams: Rethink needed on US arms to Indonesia (Asia Times Op-ed) (January 28)

ETAN response to Admiral Dennis Blair's Statements to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (January 28)

Adm. Blair Poor Choice as Director of National Intelligence, Says Rights Group; Blair’s History with Indonesia and East Timor Raises Questions about Likely Nominee  (January 7)


Foreign Policy in Focus - Obama: Stand Up to the Indonesian Military (December 4)

Standing Up for Human Rights by Restricting Military Assistance to Indonesia - ETAN Response to the Wall Street Journal editorial, "Obama's Indonesia Test" (November 25)

Election 2008: Where the Presidential Candidates Stand on Indonesia and East Timor (September 7)

New Study Links Indonesian Politician to 2002 Murder of U.S. Schoolteachers (August 17)

Background on Kopassus and Brimob (April)

Senators Write U.S. State Dept. on Training Kopassus and Brimob (April 3)

Groups write to Secretary of Defense Robert M. Gates on Indonesia (March 17)

Indonesia’s Arms Appetite by Frida Berrigan (Feb. 27)

Letter from 20 national organizations requesting hearings on militarization of U.S. foreign assistance (February 27)


Bush Administration Trains Members of Indonesian Terrorist Groups; Abandons Human Rights for Indonesia to Train Kopassus, Brimob (December 19)

ETAN Statement on military assistance to Indonesia in the FY2008 Consolidated Appropriations bill (HR 2764)  (December 18)


U.S. House of Representatives Calls for Human Rights Accountability  and Military Reform in Indonesia (June 22)

A Message from Ed McWilliams
(Retired) Senior Foreign Service Officer

"I can attest to ETAN's effectiveness. I watched  its impact from inside the U.S. government when I headed the political section of the U.S. Embassy in Jakarta from 1996 to 1999....  I retired after almost 27 years in the State Department in 2001. Since then, I have roamed the halls of Congress and protested on the streets with ETAN."

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Building Global Partnerships< Act of 2007: NGO Letter of Opposition (May 30)

ETAN: Indicted Indonesian General Leads Joint Military Exercise with U.S. (April 26)

Joyo News/Pantau Exclusive Report: Murder at Mile 63; Media Release (April 9)

ETAN: Statement to House of Representatives, Appropriations Committee, Subcommittee on State, Foreign Operations, and Related Programs on the fiscal year 2008 budget  (March 29)

Estafeta: U.S. Re-engages the Indonesian Military: Rights, Democracy Suffer (February)


Bush's Big Indonesian Photo-Op by Ben Terrall and John M. Miller (November 27)
Groups Urge Bush Not to Offer Military Assistance to Indonesian President on Visit (November 18)

Control Arms: Arms Without Borders: why a globalised trade needs global controls (October)

Center for Public Integrity: Jakarta's Intelligence Service Hires Washington Lobbyists. Former Indonesian president's foundation served as conduit for push to overturn ban on military cooperation (September)

Response to Department of State’s Papua and Aceh Report of April 2006 (Summer)

Secretary of Defense Must Not Undermine Reform, Rights on Visit to Jakarta (June 6)

ETAN Calls for Restrictions on Military Assistance to Indonesia to Promote Reform and Accountability; House Committee Would Turn a Blind Eye to Rights Violations, Impunity (May 25)

Too High a Price: The Human Rights Cost of the Indonesian Military’s Economic Activities (June 21)

Groups Urge Congress to Restrict Assistance to Indonesian Military in Legislative Mark-up (May 18)
Center for Defense Information:
Putting the Cart Before the Horse: United States resumes military assistance to Indonesia (May 18)
Key Senators Criticize Waiver Allowing U.S. Weapons Exports to Indonesia; Cite Administration's Lack of Strategy to Encourage Accountability and Reform (May 3)

U.S. Should Not Cozy Up to Kopassus; Notorious Military Unit Commander Participates in Hawaii Pentagon Conference (April 6)

ETAN Denounces Plans to Sell Lethal Equipment to Indonesian Military; Expresses Alarm at Expanding Engagement (March 29)
As Secretary of State Visits Jakarta, Rights Group Urges U.S. Policy on Indonesia Promoting Justice and Rights, Not Military Might (March 13)
ETAN, Other Groups Write State Department on Indonesia Military Aid (March 8)

ETAN Rejects Added Aid for Indonesian Military; Responds to Bush Administration’s Waiver Justification (February 27)
Response to State Department “Memorandum of Justification” for Waiving Congressional Conditions on Military Assistance to Indonesia (February 27)
ETAN Urges Secretary of State to Promote Justice and Rights, Not Military Might, During Upcoming Trip to Indonesia [Please note Secretary Rice has postponed her trip.] (
January 6 )

On 30th Anniversary of Indonesian Invasion of East Timor, ETAN Calls for Justice, Understanding of U.S. Role (December 7)
CAAT/TAPOL: Arms to Indonesia UK Factsheet (December 2005)

ETAN Condemns Administration Waiver Permitting Weapons Sales to Indonesia (November 22)
TAPOL: Renewal of US military ties a blow for Indonesian democracy
APSOC condemns resumption of US IMET program for Indonesia

Indonesia Should Take U.S. Congressional Restrictions on Military Aid Seriously (November 17)
Senator Leahy on Military Aid to Indonesia and East Timor (November 10)
Human Rights First:
U.S. Congress Calls for Justice for Slain Indonesian Human Rights Hero; Human rights group says investigation and prosecution falls short (November 9)
U.S. Congress Upholds Pressure for Human Rights for Indonesia, Timor; Law Will Restrict Military Assistance for Indonesia (November 3)
Ed McWilliams: Response to Efforts to Deny Crimes Against Humanity in West Papua (November)

40 Years of Living Dangerously by by Joseph Nevins (October 18)

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U.S. Groups Call on Congress to Maintain Restrictions on Military Aid to Indonesia; Urge Conference Committee to Adopt Senate Provisions of Foreign Aid Bill (September 22); U.S. Catholic Bishops on Military Aid to Indonesia (September 20); HRW: Indonesia: Keep Pressure on Abusive Army; U.S. Should Maintain Conditions on Assistance to Indonesian Military (October 11)

Members of Congress Urge President Bush Not to Normalize Military Ties with Indonesia; Rewarding “Half-Steps” to Reform Undeserved (August 18)
Allan Nairn:
Clarity Achieved, Oppressors Still in Place: A Deal Disarms One Side in Aceh (August)

ETAN Praises U.S. Senate for Upholding Commitment to Human Rights for Indonesia, Timor; Bill Would Maintain Restrictions on Indonesian Military Assistance (July 20)
GAO:Southeast Asia: Better Human Rights Reviews and Strategic Planning Needed for U.S. Assistance to Foreign Security Forces (July)
E Timor National Alliance for an International Tribunal: Happy Independence Day to USA (July 4)

ETAN Accuses House of Representatives of Selling Out Rights, Reform; Bill Would Lift Restrictions on Military Assistance to Indonesia (June 29)
The Question of U.S. Military Assistance for Indonesia (June)

More Than 50 Groups Urge Bush Not to Offer Military Assistance to Indonesian President (May 24)
U.S. Weapons at War 2005: Promoting Freedom or Fueling Conflict?, a World Policy Institute Special Report, by Frida Berrigan and William D. Hartung, June 2005.

Resources from ETAN

Indonesia: Arms Trade to a Military Regime
Overview of Indonesia's military plus detailed chapters on their weapons suppliers: Australia, the US, Canada, and 10 European countries. 124 pp. European Network Against Arms Trade, Amsterdam, 1997. $8 (B18)

U.S. Arms Transfers to Indonesia 1975-1997: Who's Influencing Whom? Detailed report on US arms sales by Bill Hartung & Jennifer Washburn, World Policy Inst., 1997. 17 pp. $4  (P8)

Indonesia at the Crossroads: U.S. Weapons and Military Training 2001. World Policy Institute report $3 (P25)

ILRF: ExxonMobil Investors Tell Management to Review Relationship with Indonesia’s Criminal Military (May 25) Also: Statement by Munawar Zainal, Secretary General, Acheh Center-USA; Statement on Behalf of Antioch New England Graduate School Faculty Senate

Estafeta: IMET Certified; Congress Speaks Out on TNI, Aceh, Papua, Timor Sea (Spring 2005)
NVA: The Tsunami and the Deadly Fallout from Humanitarian Help (April 2004)

Rep. Chris Smith on E. Timor and Indonesia at House Human Rights Hearing (March 17)
Indonesia Alert! Beware a Wolfowitz in Sheep's Clothing - Washington Backs Indonesian Military Again (03/10) More 
Background on Paul Wolfowitz, Indonesia and East Timor

Testimony by Ed McWilliams on Recent Indonesia Reform (03/10)
Rep. Kucinich on IMET (03/09)
March updates

Sen. Leahy on Resumption of Full IMET for Indonesia (02/28)

ETAN Condemns Restoration of IMET for Indonesia; Calls State Department's Certification Fraudulent and a Setback for Justice, Human Rights and Reform (02/27)

Open Letter from Forum of the Aceh People to Secretary of State Rice (02/11)
Groups Condemn Planned Restoration of IMET for Indonesia; Normalizing Military Relations Will Undercut Limited Progress on Murder Case and Other Human Rights Efforts (02/07)
New Facts Link Indonesian Military to "Terror Attack" on U.S. Citizens; Rice May Release IMET to Indonesia Before Investigation Concludes (02/17)

USGOV- Current DOD programs for Indonesia (02/01)
Senators Leahy and Bond debate  Mil. Restrictions (02/01)
February updates

ACTION ALERT: Bush Must Not Use Tsunami to Strengthen Indonesian Military;
Congress Must Keep Restrictions on U.S.-Indonesia Military
Download and distribute PDF Alert

Letters on military assistance (01/29)
Papua Ambush Victim's Wife Urges Rice to Keep Ban on Indon Military (01/27)
Shirley Shackleton: Aid to the military could annihilate the Acehnese (01/26)
Wolfowitz Visited Indonesia For Closer Military Ties, Not Tsunami Relief by Joe Nevins (01/19)
IPS: Bush Uses Tsunami Aid to Regain Foothold in Indonesia (01/18)
Congress: Rep. Evans writes Adm. Fargo on military ties (01/18)
ETAN: Tsunami Must Not Sweep Away Restrictions on Indonesian Military (01/13)
Rep. Patrick J. Kennedy- Dear Colleague Letter on Aceh (01/13)
Baltimore Sun: Aceh - From crisis, opportunity by Joe Nevins (01/12)

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U.S. Congress Maintains Restrictions on Military Assistance for Indonesia (11/21)
ETAN: East Timor NGOs Urge U.S. Congress to End Assistance to Indonesian Military & to Work for Justice & International Tribunal (11/11)

Members of Congress Oppose U.S. Assistance to Unreformed, "Corrupt" Indonesian Military; Senator Feingold on justice for East Timor (10/12)

ETAN: Senate Continues Restrictions on Military and IMET Assistance for Indonesia (9/24)
“Military Has Already Won” Indonesian Election, Says ETAN, Neither Candidate Likely to Limit Military (9/18)
NYT: Indonesian Case: Injustice, and Irony (3 Letters, 9/8); CSM Letters: US support increases impunity of Indonesia's military (9/3)
U.S. Groups Oppose U.S. Military Assistance to Indonesia, Tell Secretary of State that Military Remains “Unreformed” Rights Violator (9/15)
Indonesia: U.S. Underwriting Terrorism? By Conn Hallinan (9/4)

Congress Disappointed with Secretary Rumsfeld’s Plans for U.S.-Indonesia Military Ties (8/5)
West Papua Rights Organizations Condemn Statement by U.S. Attorney General on Killing of Americans at Freeport Mine; Urge U.S. Congress To Push for a Full & Impartial Investigation (8/4)
RFK Memorial Center for Human Rights Questions Dept. of Justice Announcement on West Papua Ambush (6/26)
House Subcommittee Continues Ban on Military Assistance for Indonesia; Calls for IMET, Military Sales to Remain Restricted (6/24)

ETAN Urges International Support for Justice and Control of Resources on Newest Nation’s Birthday (5/20)
Former Secretary of Defense William Cohen Misleads 9-11 Commission; U.S. Assistance to the Indonesian Military Aided Terrorism (3/25)
ETAN: Congress Reinstates Ban on Military Training for Indonesia, Defies Administration (01/22)
ETAN: Indonesia Flexes Military Muscle in Border Dispute with East Timor; Where Is International Reaction? (01/21)

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Colorado Representatives Write Senate to Urge IMET Ban (10/27)
ETAN: Bush Must Set Record Straight: No Military Assistance for Indonesia (10/21)
Rep. Evans: Dear Colleague on Bush and Indonesian Military (10/17)

ETAN/IHRN: U.S. House of Representatives Reiterates "No IMET for Indonesia" (07/24)
Bush Administration Plans to Resume Training Indonesian Military for this Year (07/18)
House of Representatives Reinstates Restrictions on Military Training for Indonesia (07/15); Rep. Hefley Strips Indonesia of Military Training Funds Until U.S., Coloradan Receive Answers to Terrorist Attack
ETAN/IHRN: Condemn Bush Administration Move to Restore Military Training for Indonesia, Urge Congress to Strongly Protest; American Survivor of Ambush and Former Foreign Service Officer Call for Continued Ban (07/14)
IHRN/ETAN: Congress Expresses Deep Concern about Military Offensive and Human Rights Violations in Aceh Representatives Criticize Indonesia’s Use of U.S. Military Equipment (06/27)

90 groups worldwide demand military embargo on Indonesia  statement (both are in Bahasa and English) (06/23)
U.S. Weapons Aid Repression in Aceh (06/11)
IHRN/ETAN: Rights Groups Praise Senators for Restricting Military Training for Indonesia (05/22)

IHRN: U.S.-made weapons to be used in Indonesian military war on Aceh (5/13)
IHRN/ETAN: House International Relations Committee Expresses Strong Support for Human Rights and Conflict Resolution in Indonesia and East Timor; Criticizes Indonesian Justice Efforts; Calls for Alternatives (05/08)
ETAN/IHRN: Senate Votes Down Restrictions on Military Training for Indonesia (01/23)
Congressional Record: US Senate IMET amendment debate (01/23)
Indonesian activists caution U.S. over military training (01/25)
U.S. Senate IMET amendment debate (01/28) 
Statement of Senator Patrick Leahy On Restoring International Military Education And Training Assistance To The Indonesian Military (01/22)

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Estafeta: Congress Moves to Renew Military Ties with Indonesian Military (Winter 2002-2003)
The Question of U.S. Military Assistance for Indonesia (December 2002)
Indonesian Rights Activists Urge U.S. Congress To Block Military Training (10/07)
Members of House Oppose Renewal of IMET and FMF for Indonesia (9/3)

Indonesian officers to join 15-month military course in America (8/2)
Indonesian Activists Implore U.S. Not to Forsake Human Rights. Additional Stories: Powell in Indonesia (August)
Supplemental Appropriations Bill Funds Police Training for Indonesia, Rejects Military Training

Statement by the ETAN on Restoration of IMET Military Training by Senate Appropriations Committee (7/19)
Senator Leahy's opening statement to Appropriations Committee, July 18, 2002 (7/18)
NGOs Write House and Senate Appropriations Committees on U.S.-Indonesia Military Assistance
Leahy Conditions on Restrictions of Military Assistance for Indonesia Have Not Been Met
Should The U.S. Resume Military Ties With Indonesia? Reflections From A Papuan Perspective*, by John Rumbiak Supervisor ELSHAM - Institute for Human Rights Study and Advocacy in Papua
Editorials - Houston Chronicle: No reason for U.S. to coddle Indonesia's army; NYT: Indonesia's Unreformed Military (July)

Members of Congress Oppose Bush Administration Moves to Increase Engagement with Indonesian Military (6/26)
U.S. House of Representatives Congratulates East Timor: Endorses Continued Restrictions on U.S.-Indonesia Military Ties, Expresses Concern about Lack of Justice (5/21)
Senators Write to Rumsfeld, Powell on U.S.- Indonesian Military Ties (5/14)
40 NGOs Write to Secretary of State. Powell and Secretary of Defense Rumsfeld on Military Ties to Indonesia (5/7)
Rewarding Indonesia while Ignoring Congress: Despite Indonesia's questionable human rights record, the Pentagon wants to renew military cooperation (Frida Berrigan, World Policy Institute, 5/6) 
Here We Go Again; U.S. considers renewing military ties to Indonesia (May)
U.S. Defence Chief Calls For Renewed Indonesia Ties (5/3)
Senator Leahy & Secretary of State Powell on Indonesia-E Timor (4/30)
US Military Ties With Indonesia Depends On Timor Trials (and more) (4/25)
Congressional Q&A on E Timor & military assistance to Indonesia with Armitage (4/18)
Inouye and Indonesia (1/16)

ETAN helps form Kissinger Watch (ongoing from March)

2002 Background (some open in new window)

Leahy Conditions on Restrictions of Military Assistance for Indonesia Have Not Been Met (7/15)
ETAN Backgrounder for East Timor's May 20 Independence Day
ETAN/IHRN: The Indonesian Military and the FY02 Supplemental  (April)
International Crisis Group: Resuming U.S.-Indonesia Military Ties (PDF file, May)
Foreign Policy in Focus: Security Assistance After September 11 (May)
Foreign Policy in Focus Special Report: U.S. Foreign Military Training: Global Reach, Global Power, and Oversight Issues (May)
FY2002 Supplemental Request Sets U.S. on Wrong Path say Forty-Eight National Organizations plus breifing papers (4/23)
Federation of American Scientists, “And the Walls Come Tumbling Down...Arms Export Policy and Military Aid Post 9-11,” Arms Sales Monitor (PDF file, January)
Human Rights Watch: Changes to U.S. Military Assistance After September 11

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Congress Bolsters Ban on Training for Indonesia With One Bill, While Opening a Loophole with Another (12/21)
ETAN/IHRN: Rights Groups Condemn End Run on Military Training Restrictions for Indonesia (12/20)
Ford & Kissinger Green Light to Indonesia's 1975 Invasion; New Documents Reveal Conversations with Suharto (National Security Archive (see also ETAN Kissinger pages) (12/06)
Indonesia at the Crossroads: U.S. Weapons and Military Training (10/15/01; World Policy Institute report)
ETAN/IHRN Oppose Blanket Waiver for Human Rights (09/27)
On Eve of Megawati Visit, Groups Urge Bush to Maintain Restrictions on Military Ties with Indonesia (9/18)
Statements from September 6 Press Conference (09/06) Op-eds by ETAN members: U.S. must not forget E Timor massacres; Tragic Anniversary For East Timor; Indonesia has yet to hold anyone accountable
Grassroots & Congressional Action Mark September 6 Anniversary of East Timor Massacres (09/04)
Rights Groups Say Military Relations With Indonesia Hurt, Not Help (08/09)
U.S. House of Representatives Reaffirms Support for Indonesian Military Reform and for East Timor (07/24)
East Timor Action Network Urges New Indonesian President to Show Support for East Timor (07/23)
Small Arms and East Timor: Speech at UN Rally and Impact on Women in Militia-Controlled Camps (07/17)
Rights Groups Oppose Joint Training with Indonesian Military (05/16)
NGO Letter to Secretary of State Colin Powell Opposing Resumption of Military Ties (3/7)
ETAN's John M. Miller on the violence in Indonesia, U.S. military assistance, and justice issues in Coming Apart: Kosovo And Indonesia, Newsweek on Air, (3/4)
ETAN/IHRN - Continue Suspension of Military Ties With Indonesia  (1/26)

Foreign Policy in Focus: East Timor by Lynn Fredriksson (12/2000)
U.S. Congress Reaffirms Support for East Timor
in Foreign Operations Appropriations (10/26)

Standing Up to State and Congress (Adm. Blair) By Dana Priest, Washington Post (9/30)
Senate Foreign Relations Committee Passes Ban on U.S. Military Ties to Indonesia (9/27)
U.S. Reinstates Suspension Of Military Assistance To Indonesia before Sec'y of Defense Cohen Visit to Indonesia (9/15)
One Year Later, East Timor Still Needs Justice and Security (8/29) 
Stop CARAT exercise (7/17)
A Lesson From Timor: Don't Coddle the Indonesian Military, Op-ed in International Herald Tribune by ETAN's Karen Orenstein. (7/5)
Madness For the US to Restore Relations with TNI, Asia Times (6/28)
Indonesian NGOs Oppose Resumption of Military Ties with U.S. (6/12)
ETAN Opposes Any Resumption of Military Ties with Indonesia (5/24)
Allan Nairn testimony on U.S.-Indonesia Military Ties (5/11)
Background on East Timor and U.S. Policy, East Timor Action Network (May)

ETAN, NGOs write Albright on military ties to Indonesia (3/3)

Vermont's Norwich University to End Training of Indonesian Military  (12/20)
Senate Passes Appropriations Bill Restricting U.S. Military Assistance to Indonesia Conditions include bringing human rights violators to justice, return of  displaced persons to East Timor. (11/19)
ETAN urges Indonesia's president to fulfill commitments to East Timor by stopping militia violence, assisting return of refugees and cooperating with rights investigations. Also -  Clinton must keep military assistance suspension, release rights data. (11/12)
Indonesia's Repeal of Annexation of East Timor Only First Step - Safe return of refugees, end to militia activity and prosecution of rights violators are priorities (10/20)

Senate Foreign Relations Committee passes freeze on military relations with Indonesia (S 1568). A similar bill, HR 2895, has been introduced in the House. Other East Timor Legislation News and lists of bills' sponsors (9/27)
Nairn on US Complicity in Timor in the Nation (9/27)
ETAN Statement on Suspension of U.S. Aid to Indonesia and Indonesian Agreement to Allow International Force into East Timor (9/12)
Bishop Belo's residence attacked, thousands kidnapped by militias; ETAN calls for immediate suspension of all aid to Indonesia and support for UN-controlled securityAugust 3 - ETAN today praised continuing Congressional pressure in support of a free and fair vote in East Timor following passage of the Foreign Operations Appropriations Bill (HR 2606). (9/4)

Evans on International Military Training Transparency & Accountability Act (3/10)

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ETAN cites105th Congress
support for freedom for East Timor.  The massive Omnibus Appropriations bill passed by Congress contains provisions relating to Indonesia and East Timor. (10/21)
October 1998 version of Background on East Timor and U.S. Policy
Congress ban comes in response to training and rights abuses involving Indonesia
House of Representatives Continues Military Training Ban for Indonesia; Ban on U.S. Weapons in East Timor Reaffirmed (9/3)
Senate passes legislation requiring that any agreement to sell weapons to Indonesia "shall state that such items will not be used in East Timor." (9/3)

Estafeta: Congress Bars Use of US Weapons in Timor (Spring)
Pentagon Documents Show Indonesian Military Training Continues Despite Congressional Ban (Spring)

Senator Leahy on U.S. Special Forces Training (6/4)

Statements by Rep. Cynthia McKinney, Rep. Chris Smith, Lynn Fredrikkson and Constancio Pinto on the just introduced Indonesia Human Rights Before Military Assistance Act (HR 3918 IH). (5/20)
ETAN: After Six Killed in Jakarta ETAN Calls for an End to Sales of Weapons, Spare Parts, and Ammunition to Indonesia and a Ban on All Military Training (5/12)
Indonesia's Disappeared Article from The Nation magazine by Allan Nairn. (6/8)
Suharto Resigns Statements by ETAN/US and Constancio Pinto (5/20)
U.S. intelligence officials based in Indonesia knew about the abductions of political activists as they occurred reports Allan Nairn in an article to be published in the forthcoming The Nation magazine. (May)
Press Release: After Six Killed in Jakarta ETAN Calls for an End to Sales of Weapons, Spare Parts, and Ammunition to Indonesia and a Ban on All Military Training (5/12)
Statement by Allan Nairn on the suspension of US military training aid to Indonesia. (5/09)

Human Rights in Indonesia: Hearing conducted by the Subcommittee on International Operations and Human Rights,
Committee on International Relations, United States House of Representatives with Pius Lustrilanang, disappeared Indonesian activist; Aryati, Indonesian researcher; Constâncio Pinto, East Timorese torture survivor; Jafar Siddiq Hamzah, Acehnese lawyer; and Allan Nairn, on U.S. military (prepared remarks PDF) (5/07)  Full hearing report (PDF May 7)

Estafeta: Pentagon Documents Show Indonesian Military Training Continues Despite Congressional Ban (Spring)

Indonesia's Killers Editorial from The Nation magazine by Allan Nairn. (released 3/11, published in 3/30 issue)

ETAN: Congress Opposes Military Training for Indonesia (and Dear Colleague Letters from Reps Lowey and Evans) (3/25)

ETAN and other Statements from March 17 Press Conference in Washington, DC on JCET (3/17)
U.S. Training of Indonesia Troops Goes on Despite Ban, New York Times (3/17)

JCET: List of US-Indonesia military training courses (March 1998)

Estafeta: Congress Votes to Bar Use of US Weapons in East Timor (Spring) (vote was Nov. 1997)

Before 1998

November 13, 1998 - Congress Votes to Bar Use of U.S. Weapons in East Timor (ETAN)
Estafeta: No F16's for Indonesia (Spring 1997)
International Declaration calling for an end to military support for Indonesia (1997)

U.S. Policy Toward East Timor through 11/97 (detailed)

Feingold on small arms ban and more (September 21)

U.S. Senate debate on bill which would require future US government arms sales to Indonesia not to be used in East Timor  (June 29, 1994)

Indonesia steps up U.S. Outreach Campaign (5/94)
Senate Foreign Relations Committee ties human rights in East Timor to arms sales to Indonesia (September 8, 1993)

House Bans IMET, Senate to Act (June-July 1992)

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see also Congressional Action on East Timor for additional statements, hearings and letters on this issue and news items in Timor Postings section.

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